Some Guys Are Gross

Why are boys

such gross perverts?

all they can

think about

is hooking up

and making out,

well most of them anyways.

you can't even

get a decent


going without

then being

horny. YUCK.

some boys

just don't understand

the words

just friends.

I mean are

we talking a

totally different

language to them?


msrocker msrocker
18-21, F
5 Responses Sep 11, 2009

i agree with vendetta and with alaterale. in addition, guys in your age have a lot more testosterone than men in their 40's for example. It is more intense for them. Then comes peer pressure, they have to show their buddies they are sexually active. This combination makes them desperate and run over other people's feelings. But it is still no excuse to hurt anybody.

your comments are great thanks!

It's only partially their fault. Women run on estrogen, which promotes things like empathy and social needs. Men run on testosterone, which promotes things like aggression and the need to spread seed. If women ran on testosterone, their sexual drive would be much closer to the drive of a male.

I agree with Godsmack!

It's because most of them think with the brain in their genetalia, not the one that matters. Sad but true.