Second Chance Love

Have you been in a disappointing relationship, a failed marriage?  Have you wondered if there really is true love out there?  Does it even exist, or do we all deceive our own selves when we experience those butterflies, lust, passion, crushes, infatuation, ...and then we find ourselves miserable perhaps years later.  I'm one of the many in this world with a failed marriage.  I must confess however that I still believed in love.  I had hope that I might get a second chance at love.

A woman named Sophie also had a failed marriage.  But she had already decided that love didn't exist.  She was expecting to live with pets as her lifetime companions after her marriage ended.  The only reason she even went online was to meet local men for an occassional dinner out, but never believed she would ever find true love.

But then she accidentally bumped into my profile after I sent her an inquiry on the Christian dating site we were both members of.  She was deleting every inquiry by a guy outside of 10 miles from her home, but for some reason she didn't delete me, who lived about 165 miles away.  For some reason, she read my profile, liked my remarks, and sent me a reply.

We chatted online as soon as I saw her email in my member's inbox.  We had an immediate attraction, an absolute compatibility, and naturally communicated.  The rest is history, as the saying goes.  I am very lucky - even blessed - that she would give me that second chance at love.  And she was blown away that she found in me true love.

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4 Responses Oct 27, 2009

Nice to hear your story. Hope love blessing will be enlightening experience for you both. Enjoy!

Nice to hear your story. Hope love blessing will be enlightening experience for you both. Enjoy!

Aww. How sweet! Good for you! I can already tell your story ending: "and they lived happily ever after..." Wish I could believe like you do.

you are truly blessed. enjoy each other as much as you can.