How Can I Not?

I was teaching about appearance and how to describe it and I asked each of my students to tell me what physical feature they noticed when they first met their respective spouses.

Laughter and coy giggles followed. Some opted for hair and smile, one cheerfully claimed, "His pouty lips!"; another grinned and said, "Her button nose."

Then I turned to this middle aged woman I've talked about here a while back. She was a hard working cashier in our supermarket, serious most of the time and always gave a thoughtful answer.

"So Mrs N, what was it about your husband that you noticed the first time you met him?"

She smiled this very big, shiny smile I blinked. It transformed her pretty but tired face, making her small eyes brighter, her face beautiful.

She simply said, "His skin," but in it memories flooded, affection showed unabashedly. How can you not believe in love? When it survives long years of hardships, hard work, arguments and fights? When it turns a middle age, tired woman into a smiling, pretty girl?

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that made me want to cry :) Thank you, that was beautiful

this story made me cry too. Love is awesome.

kool :)

That's very sweet, you conveyed it well too.

<b>@meghasud:</b> Haha.. no worries. As for your skin, you'd be amazed at how many things people overlook when they're attracted to someone. I think it's the point <b>boonroonru</b> made in the earlier comment.<br />
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Me, my teeth are not the most perfect in the world but some people have said they really like my smile. The thing is, physical feature(s) is simply something you can point out to others when everything about your ob<x>ject of attraction is too overwhelming to talk about.<br />
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There's a lyric from a song long forgotten (I can't even remember what the title now, although I'm sure a quick search would help me) that played in mind when I read your comment:<br />
<br />
Never want to go, never wanna leave,<br />
Never want to say what you mean to me.<br />
<br />
When I become really attracted to someone, it is usually after a quite some time of knowing him and it can be rather overwhelming, I can't bear talking about it, and also, I don't want to tell people ;-) Like it's too good a secret.<br />
<br />
So it's just easier to pick on a feature that everybody else will see and have them agree with me, haha. Thing is I believe attraction is plain inexplicable. When they like you, they like you. It's shortly afterward that they pick up something physical to adore. And when your personalities click, none of it will even matter anymore.<br />
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I'm sure the skin of Mrs. N's beloved husband has grown less attractive with age but it doesn't matter :-) It's just a fond memory to her.

how nice :), but this makes me sad cause i have pathetic skin. :(<br />
i know im missing the point here, but still. ;-p

What is in the heart is most important. It's called unconditional love. For example, my Mom and sister are the 2 people I love the most in the world and we are always at each other and insulting each other but it's all good. The words are less important than the actions. For example: My Mom called me Charlie Sheen's sister in reference to my sometimes nonsensical rantings.

@BroDarko: I'm not sure it is explainable, man. A guy I know once said, <b><i>"**** happens? No, life happens. And if you think that's crazy, wait 'till love happens."</i></b><br />
<br />
@azete: Thank you :) I no longer work at the place, but that woman and many of her hard working friends are still in my memory.

Those who believe in love can you please explain it? The love?

Happened to me too, that day in class, blewguy :)

that was very touching, It moistened my eyes a bit :)

@Mrkirby2: Ahahahaha.. yes, I happen to know the idiom. I'm just glad such things in English (idioms, sayings, phrases etc) do not change trend as quickly as they do in Bahasa Indonesia - I'd go crazy trying to keep up, not to mention teach!<br />
<br />
It was such a strange choice too, the skin :)<br />
<br />
@Shen119: Aw. I was merely reporting what happened in class. (Hey, maybe I should be a reporter! LOL)

Beautiful. You are good at this.

LoL, her answer owned all the students answers =)<br />
<br />
(thats my way of saying your story was great)

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I'm glad the story helps restore your belief :)<br />
<br />
"Love is the only gold." ~ Tennyson

Thanks June1999 it's the most beautiful thing...... It makes me believe that I too will find that one day!

Hi Bluedaisies, cool avatar you got there!<br />
<br />
Isn't that sweet? My mother once remarked how "weird" it was now that they were old, Dad and her were constantly checking on each other about meals and medicine :)<br />
<br />
That's the best kind of love, don't you think? The one that stands the test of time and ages well like wine.

That's really a beautiful reminded of one of my aunts who's been married for 30yrs. Everytime she has to travel somewhere, her husband calls her every hour just to say hi and and check if she is ok.

Hi nassar,<br />
<br />
Thanks for taking the time :) I'm glad the story touched you. Wow, my student would be so surprised if she ever found out.<br />
<br />
She is back with me again and I still find myself inspired by her.<br />
<br />
As for your story, I hope you'll post it as your own soon, instead of letting it simply be a comment here. People should read it!

what a nice stories i'v read here<br />
<br />
ms. june1999 <br />
<br />
this is the first time i read a story from you and i'm realy empressed, i admire you so much<br />
<br />
you write very very will and talk about the most beautiful thing in this world "LOVE".<br />
<br />
you remaind me an event happend to a friend of mine, she was married for 18 years old and one day she was upset becuase of her terrible cooking that day, she expected an argument between her husband and her, on the table he had his lunch silently and went the bedroom without a single, when she was washing the dishes in the kitchen she felt his hands around her and his lips in her neck and whisperd in her air that " your cooking remaind me how you used to cook in our honeymoon, so i wanna you feel it by dealing with you as a bride", she loves him more and more.<br />
<br />
<br />
thank you ma'am and i'm very glad to share you this

It is a lovely story June and it reminds us of the very simple but very important things in life.

Hugs, AP. You are brave to read this at this point in your life. Square your shoulders, laddie :)

Luv, Jacelove... what can I say, it's the magic in life :)<br />
<br />
Joncon1, I imagine it was not the easiest time in your life. I'm sorry you went through that. Stay strong!

June1999 your comment about the woman who became blind it brought tears to my eyes my partner fo 54 years went "blind"mentally eleven days before she died in 2009 and did not recognise me. It still hurts.

Nice story! It really touched my heart. A few moments of love are like rays of light in darkness which are enough to brighten not only a person's face but the person's whole life. :D :D

This is a lovely story june and you worded it beautifully. Thank You for sharing..

Hi AlexanderRommel, thank you for taking the time :)<br />
<br />
Hi lecter255, cheers. Yes, I teach English but the one as Foreign language. All those grammatical, punctuation and pronunciation hassles!

Thank you all for dropping by and commenting. I'm glad the story touch a lot of you :)

Hmmm. Of course we do.

Beautiful story that comes my way, Wall :)

That's such a beautiful piece of writing.<br />

That's such a beautiful piece of writing.<br />

I love this story and thank you for sharing. I actually smiled because it reminds me of how much I feel about my boyfriend :)

Nice story. :-)

keeping love we will be happy ...well...

Very well said,

You never know how a story touches people. This one wasn't much in terms of plot (ha) or surprise but I guess it's her feelings that reached out all the way to you all. Thanks for all your comments, guys - they reinforce what I'm feeling inside :)

I love memories that make you smile inwardly and make you fell all gooie in side. I imagine that is how your student was feeling. I think we all a few memories like this. Thanks for reminding me of mine.

What a nice story. I had to smile at this one and I haven't smiled in awhile.

all1rog, I do know a couple who are just like that! Your story made me smile because it resonated so much with what I have in memory.<br />
<br />
They were the in laws of one of my aunts. Man, the swearing, the name callings, the taunts... and those things became even more outrageous as they aged. But yeah, they worshiped each other, couldn't live without each other... when the wife went blind, the only person she could recognize was her husband.<br />
<br />
<i>That</i> will not leave my memory for a long time :)

She's the last person I thought would have shown such thing :)

Just beautiful June...I also remember the story you shared about this woman...this is kinda the next nice that she feels this love and it showed enough for you to share it so well with us! :)

Wow, you remember her? Yeah, she is amazing :)