I Can't Help Falling For Older Women

I met this girl recently who I admire a lot. She works and owns her own tutoral center, its called "The Big Red Bus" how cute is that! She also owns two local food franchises and is one of the nices persons I have ever met (I have this thing for pre-school teachers I suppose LOL). She is a few years older than me and perpetually busy. I've been crushing on her secretly for a few weeks and even make up excuses to visit her food outlets during lunch just to see her and chit-chat with her for a little while. I love the way she laughs and the way she talks. I love her smile and her objectivity towards business (we share a liking for management theories, one of the very few people I can talk to about those things with). But that's all I can do... admire her. Eventhough we are friends I know she needs a guy who is much older and far more responsible than me. She needs someone who can take her mind of her problems or provide her with answers. Not some kid like me (I'm 28 btw and she's 32). All I want sometimes is to hold her in my arms and tell her its going to be ok, but that would be a lie and I don't think I'm very convincing... So it would just be best to admire her from a far in order to stop me from feeling pain and causing her pain in the end.

I know many of you will think I should just go for it, but I've been there before (She was older, but not by much). I was in a long standing relationship where I had to constantly prove myself to her, her parents, my parents and myself. It was tiring! From now on I should just go for someone who will love me for who I am and chosing to love this person I believe will be a constant proving of myself over and over again.

What can I say, I love older women because they have this sense of maturity that comes only with age. I amour successful women, becasue they inspire me to be better. I relish the company of an experienced woman because they have taught me about life... I'm a student of this word and they have been the best teachers.   

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The hesitation regarding the difference in age is something I don't understand. Four years means nothing once you are an adult. And what difference does it make if she is older or if you are? It's just a measure of days on a calendar.<br />
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Why not just get to know her better? Why not just be her friend for a while and find out for sure if she is someone you will have to prove yourself to?<br />
Honestly, you can proceed at a nice comfortable speed and not rush into something if you have doubts. She might be more or even less than you think, but you won't know for sure if you don't choose to spend time with her. Just don't go getting too serious or infatuated with her too soon. Good relationships are comfortable ones. Unless you already have very solid warning signals about getting involved with her, make her a friend for a while. What's to lose from that?

I'm young at heart, what can I say... =)

28? YOu think you're too young to have a life at 28? and be responsible..wow you need to learn what go for it means and get into life..wow! heheh when I started reading that i thought perhaps you might be well, 18 or 18..28?? 28?? kid?..purring and rolling all over the floor laughing, no rancor involved, trust me ;;heheh