A Widower's Tale

February 16

A shopping mall?  Whatever, she was likely meeting him just to satisfy her friend that she had tried ... just as he was doing.

Not that he wasn't interested in opening friendships with more women.  Couples strolled by, young and old, leaving him feeling very alone ... women he would like to meet rushing by to get some shopping done --

And a woman alone, focused on her cell phone, walking toward him.

He stood, knowing her before she looked up and saw him, and called her name

"Mike, hello ..." they shook hands.  "very good to meet you."

"Thank you for taking the time on short notice ..." "no, thank you for calling, it wasn't a problem at all, I live nearby ..."

"I haven't eaten yet.  Would you like coffee or more of a meal?"

"A meal would be nice."

He had difficulty taking his eyes off her to look for a mall directory.  "Here, there must be some place we can get a good meal."

"This place is good, actually."

"Then we'll go there.  Which way?"  and she led off while they started to talk about everything, and nothing.  

The waiter was slow to get the message that his patrons were hungrier for talk than food, but was patient enough.  They eventually did order; Mike considered wine, but there was a long road ahead that evening, so he stayed with iced tea.  She matched his order.  

She told stories of her work, her boys, her husband's death; he replied the same.  Listening to her tales, his admiration for her grew ... or was it her eyes?

On an impulse, he suddenly said, "I hope this has been a good evening for you too ... may I invite you for another date?" and explained the opportunity he had stumbled upon for a double date at Wolf Trap, three months away.  She smiled and replied, "Why, thank you! Yes ... I'd enjoy that."

The restaurant emptied out, the waiter went off shift ... and she suddenly looked up and said, "I've been talking so much, and you still have a long drive ahead!"

"No, I've been enjoying ... but you're right, it is getting late."  He paid the bill, she led him back through the mall to the parking area.

"This evening has been great, thank you" he said, reaching to hug her briefly ... "Yes," she replied softly, and then drew him back for a longer hug.

Her head fit perfectly on his shoulder.  "Have you missed this as much as I?" he murmured softly. 

"Oh, yes."

Three hours later, he was home, and could not recall the road he had driven.  He sent her a thank you note before crawling off to bed; she replied the next day ... and he replied that May seemed too long to wait for another "hug fix".  They agreed to meet on March 20, and ... some days later ... to also meet on March 2.

And again. And again.  And one year later, she is wearing a ring he gave her.

And once again, love.

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2010


LOL? Okay, glad you enjoyed the story. I suppose a middle aged couple making out in the middle of a mall did look pretty silly. It was fun, though.

its cute

How lovely for you both. Congratulations and best of luck!

Going well so far, Lilith, thanks for your good wishes! Working on the story of our second Valentines weekend at the public broadcast station wine and chocolate tasting party.

I hope 'She' and Mike are happy for a very long time!