What Ever Happened To Us?

It was a long time ago, I remember.

It wasn't that stupid kind of kid love that goes away eventually. It was real, true love. I cared about you. I gave everything to you: my time, my efforts, my joys.

I couldn't tell you. That was my weakness. I know it was foolish of me, but I wanted you to care about me the way I cared about you.

I'm sorry about the love note, about all the times I tried to talk but walked away without saying anything. I'm sorry for the way I handled the situation, and I'm sorry that it couldn't work out any other way.

But all that is in the past now. There's nothing we as people can do to change the past (yet), but we can change the future. Our choices make us, our decisions shape our interactions. I want to put all of this behind us and remove this barrier between us.


It's too late for us now. I feel like time has the annoying trait to both heal wounds and, in a way, open them back up again. I loved you, but I've moved on.

I'll always care about you, though. You were special to me, and I'll never forget the way I felt about you.

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22-25, M
1 Response Feb 19, 2010

The concept of love is strange to me and Its philosophy seems skewed. I always thought that a "game" was a fitting description for love, and just like any game you can press "reset" when you get a "game over". Love is a bit of a joke but I believe in love, (I think) though I hate to admit it. In the end however, love is just a psychological incentive to propagate the species and protect it.