Yes, I Believe In Love

Yes, I believe in Love. What else is there ? We grow towards Love like plants towards the sun. No sun, no life. Shutting out love ; like shutting down our room, dooming it to gloom, blindness and specters. Move away from love, disgusted by the trials and tribulations caring for its growth unfailingly brings, and you grow dumb. Remember the Pink Floyd song ' I've grown comfortably numb " ? Numb, and bored, and pale and sickly, and a perfect host for those WMDs : the viruses we call vices. We first fall into vice - knowingly - and it eats away at us, and then it must find new hosts, your best friends most likely You shut out the sun further, you encase yourself in a wall : loneliness, despair, angst, violence. But make one move to chip at the wall, and love comes to your aid, 'cause its your lifeblood, your immune system, set on course again. Move towards the Sun, move away - its your move.


Listen :  Love bade me welcome, yet my soul drew back,

             Guilty of dust and sin.

             But quick-ey'd Love, observing me grow slack

             From my first entrance in,

             Drew nearer to me, sweetly questioning

             If I lack'd anything.


            " A guest, " I answer'd, " worthy to be here " ;

              Love said, :  " You shall be he."

            " I, the unkind, the ungrateful ?  ah my dear,

              I cannot look on thee."

             Love took my hand and smiling did reply,

            " Who made the eyes but I ? "


            " Truth, Lord, but I have marr'd them ; let my shame

              Go where it doth deserve."

            " And you know not, " says Love, " who bore the blame ? "

            " My dear, then I will serve."

            " You must sit down, " says Love, " and taste my meat."

            So I did sit and eat.


           By George Herbert


          PS : and like that, you'll find a million for every book like ' Nausea ' by Jean Paul Sartre

Elieli Elieli
56-60, M
3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

True enough

Good for you, Enigma ! Just never give up, and you'll prevail, believe me !<br />
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I love love... But when I shoot for it, I get shot down. I believe in love... I believe at one day, I will truly feel it. But it may take a few decades from now.<br />
<br />
At least I'm stubborn, and I'll live long enough to find out what it is like!