I Fell Hard...

When I was several years younger I saw my husband accross a room, I was working in this bar and grill. I knew from the moment we locked eyes he'd have my heart for ever. Of coarse I didn't just jump into it with him, when we ended up married that was the key to truth, you want to test love get hitched. I have had his children and tho we aren't perfect and we have seperated a few times recently I never stoped loving him the same way I did before, I want the bliss and innocent love back we once shared. I was hurt by the betrayals and angry but I know I must love him because I still want him back and I still want to make it work, I doubt it's a good idea but hey love is blind. I was resolved to get rid of him and keep him gone at first but my heart breaks with out him and I can't stop loving him, I feel he's my match. I fell for him I am now resolved to num up but still love him and not let our marriage fail with out a fighting chance. I did not react well to his betrayal and I feel badley, maybe I over reacted to what he did, I am not perfect either tho I never strayed. I can not see how I have gotten to this point, I am better then this but yet I am...

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Ok can you be more spacific because he isn't exactly the lets share things type, more guidance please... Thank you.

Communication, communication, communication if you want to keep him, talk

It's tuff sorry for your situations.

I'm going thru betrayal also. I think the tools I have to use is FORGIVNESS, which is not easy, I have good days and bad, I'm learing more about myself for which I; grateful, the other tool is Let Go Amd Let GOD>>>>