March 14

Today I supposed to very happy and in love for either of the two reasons. Sadly, I have neither to be jubilant about.

I was married six years ago today. For someone like me who is a big fan of romance and big on special dates and anniversaries, today is utterly sad. You might have guessed that I have a failed marriage. My ex-husband and I has been separated for 3 years now. He was my first love and first boyfriend but we failed to make the relationship work for many reasons.

Now I live and work here in Japan where March 14th is a very special day for women. Today is the Japanese `WHITE DAY`, a day when Japanese guys show their love to the important women in their lives. Today is the most romantic day, supposedly... 14 days ago, I broke up with my Japanese boyfriend.

So today, I am at home, all alone...

Yet I still believe in love :)

I believe that although today I am alone, LOVE will still come to me.



YumasP YumasP
2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Hi there Trueheart!<br />
<br />
Well, tonight is one of those nights that I miss cuddling :(<br />
<br />
You see, I don`t really wanna date just for the sake of dating. I wanna fall in love again.<br />
<br />
It`s been exactly 2 1/2 months now since I broke up with my ex and though I still love and miss him terribly, I`m glad I made the right decision.<br />
<br />
Goodluck to you!<br />
<br />
Love will find us!<br />
<br />
Real soon I hope ;)

Good for you. I'm 61, and my wife is divorcing me. But I still believe in love.<br />
<br />
I read your post on cuddling first, and I really like cuddling too. But I haven't been cuddled in about two years or more now. Ahh, well. Soon I'll be divorced and free to date again. Maybe then I can find some affection.