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Where Are You?

(This story is about the magic of synchronicity)

More examples of people I've been wondering about and how they answered my wondering.

One morning, as I was walking through our local park, I saw this man who reminded me of a guy who usually walks with his chocolate Labrador. The last time I saw him, he told me he was planning to go away with his dog and partner. I wondered if he did go away.

Later that evening, as I was walking through the park, I saw my friend, his girlfriend and his dog. I asked them if they went away and they said they went to Poland for a few weeks.

The next day, I thought of a friend who lives in the neighbourhood. As I hadn't seen her in a few months, I wondered how she was. I could easily have texted her but I didn't. The next morning, I saw her. She said she'd also been thinking about me and wondering how I was.

Yesterday morning while I was walking through the same park, I thought of a guy who usually jogs through the local park. I wondered how he was as I haven't seen him in a while. Later in the day, I heard someone calling me. It was him. I told him I'd been wondering about him earlier. He said he's been so busy he hasn't jogged for about 2 months.

Thank you, friends, for hearing me.

(c) E Joseph

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Amazing, just goes to show we are capable of so much more than the reality we are living in.

Thank you. I believe we all share the one Infinite Self so when I think of someone it's only natural that they would pick up on the thought and act on it, though unconsciously.

I have documented hundreds of examples on my blogs of unity consciousness.

Blessings and infinite wonder