Don't Bother!

The other day a friend told me about an ice cream festival that was taking place at the weekend. According to the magazine promoting the festival, ice cream companies were going to be giving away free samples. I even went to the website to read up about it. I planned to go either on Saturday or Sunday.

On Saturday, I wasn't inspired as the weather was a bit dull and grey. When the sun came out and it got warmer, my body wouldn't budge. I figured I'd just stay at home and chill out. I ended up watching a James Bond movie, which was fun.

On Sunday, I thought I would go to the ice cream festival then meet up with a friend later for a drink but for some reason my body wouldn't cooperate. So I spent the day pottering about at home and then went out with my friend in the evening.

Today, I saw the friend who had recommended the festival. He said it was a complete "wash out" meaning although lots of people did turn up, there were no freebies and what they were selling was quite pricey.

I'm so glad I listened to my body who always knows what's best.

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Sep 5, 2012