About Synchronicities

I have experienced tons of synchronicities which I have recorded on my blogs. This one is one of my coolest ones yet! Note how what appeared to be an obstacle was part of the process.


More about Blessings

Ever so often, I put my name and names of loved ones on prayer lists to receive blessings. Why do you think I experience a life of constant magic and wonder?

After I had put the names down on the lists, I noticed my time on the computer was running out. I asked the librarian for my time to be extended. She said she couldn't extend my time because someone else had booked to use the computer I was on. She couldn't transfer me to another computer either as all the computers were occupied. Hmmm, there's something very fishy going on here! There has to be a very good reason why there are no computers available right at this moment.

Instead of waiting till another computer was available, I decided to go to another library only a few minutes away. I was also dying to have a pee, but I figured I would wait till I got to the other library and use their toilet facilities.

On my way to the next library, I noticed a car surrounded by a crowd of paparazzi. I asked someone what was going on and he said the Dalai Lama was in the car. Just at the moment, the Dalai Lama got out of the car and waved to everyone. We all waved back. Then he entered the back of the car and they drove away.

Well, I did ask to receive blessings and I received from the Dalai Lama. How cool is that?

Love and light.

(c) E Joseph

Source: http://beingthemagic.blogspot.co.uk/2008/05/blessings.html

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