Predicting The Future

“Some people think it’s impossible to change the future but, in reality, the future is what you make it.” ~~ Dynamo, Magician Impossible


I'm constantly looking out for pink cars, which are still very rare in London.

During my bus journey, my Inner Voice told me I was going to see a pink car. The moment I had the thought I saw two women with pink jackets and spotted another woman wearing pink trousers. 

As the bus drove by I kept looking down side streets for pink cars. My Inner Voice said there was no point me looking for the pink car as the pink car was going to come to me.  So I relaxed and enjoyed the journey.

I usually get off at this particular stop but I didn't feel like getting off there. I figured I would stay on the bus for two stops and then walk to my destination using a different route. As I was walking down this road, a pink company van drove right by me.

When my Inner Voice tells me something is going to happen, She makes it happen.

(c) E Joseph


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51-55, F
Dec 4, 2012