Geocentric Meditation

This is from another post I made but I decided it might be more appropriate here. It is more of a mediation than anything else.

An example of this turning inside out that the world has undergone can be found in the heliocentric model of the solar system developed by Copernicus in the 1500's. Before that mankind knew the earth was the center of creation, there was no doubt. So there was a "power" at work in the unconscious of mankind that kept us centered and aligned with the cosmos and nature (to some degree) and we felt it intuitively. Because in a universe that has no end, every location is the center. "The nature of God is circle in which the center is everywhere and the circumference is no where." The concept of a heliocentric model of the solar system seemed counter-intuitive to the senses and also encountered fierce resistance from religions which saw God's chief creation man placed at the center of the Universe on the Earth. Both religion and science were correct. "Religion tells us how to go to heaven not how the heavens go." The third dimension follows Newtonian physics, the higher worlds require a more intuitive understanding of reality, not unlike quantum physics. If you want to align your spectrum of consciousness to the third dimension to work more closely here with its energy then you shift your perspective away from the soul and into the body. If you want to align yourself with your cosmic nature however, your soul that exists in the archetypal realm, you reverse the model and earth then becomes the center of the universe. You then move outward from the earths center beneath you to the moons orbit then to the sun... then outward through the solar system and its heavenly bodies toward the various star systems that affect and share our orbit in the galaxy and follow them further through the pleiadian spiral of the milky way to the black hole that sits at its source at the center of the galaxy. Feel the gravity of the galaxy pulling the many dimensions of stellar orbits into motion as it spins through the void. Once you reach the center pan out like in a movie and view the other spiral arms rotating around the galactic disk. Try to get a feeling in your heart of the size and magnitude of what you belong to. Then turn around as you sit at the center and look at your self down here on earth. Which model you use just depends on what level of reality you want to align with. Both are tools in the end. Both are just "models" as we are a race of celestial monks and ultimately all of our views on creation, scientific or religious, are just... meditations. Look out into space and visualize this journey from earth to the center of the milky way and you will feel the attunement begin to take place. What is happening is your being brought into alignment with eternity, which is this moment right now experienced directly just as it is. This removes you from earth time and sets your internal compus to galactic standard time. Making you more aware of the life with in you and in the world around you. The old model is called the geocentric model by the way.
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Your stuff always make me think through a different set of eyes. :3

Sometimes the things you read aren't meant to be taken serisouly, sometimes things are meant to take away from what you already have rather than giving something you don't. When you read learn to see through the words, pay attention to your own mind as it moves over what your reading and you will see that no matter what you study your reading your own mind.

Three monks observed a flag waving in the wind. The first monk said, look the flag is moving. The second monk said, no its the wind that moves. The third monk then replied correcting them both by saying, it is neither the flag nor the wind, it is your mind that moves.

The different way to perceive things... it's always interesting how the mind works. :3

Like the kid from the Matrix movie eh?

Neo watched the child bend the spoon with his mind. The child replied "do not try to bend the spoon, that is impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth." Neo asked, "what truth?" The child replied, "there is no spoon. Then you will see it is not the spoon that bends, it is yourself."

Yeah, sometimes perceiving things differently can make one realize things one otherwise would not see. Truth or lies it all alter ones reality.

Evil men will use truth to ensnare you, good men will use lies to set you free.

Verily all of life is but a dream.

Technically hot and cold are all a matter of perspective also. That doesn't mean you won't burn your hand when you spill that pot of scolding hot water.

Indeed we have to be very cautious about our judgements of others, lest we judge ourselves.

We should all get together and open a school to train Jedi. That would be fun. =)

Spaceballs. :3

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