Magic Is Real... We've Just Forgotten What It Is.

I've always believed in magic (AK magik, magick, etc.) but my understanding has led me to believe that we don't believe because we'vbe forgotten just what real magic is. The fact that "flying on broomsticks" can be directly traced to a lard-based hallucinogenic salve that was popular in England is a good example of how our perceptions have been shaped by centuries of superstition and misinformation.

So just what is magic? Ironically, Christianity describes magic and its application best. Magic, according to the Bible,is a force of will, the ability to create and destroy. It is how we were made in God's image. Fueled by faith, Biblical magic is most often in the form of invocation through prayer. Christ describeed the importance of belief by stating that even a tiny amount of faith could move a mountain. James later added that a man who asks with wavering faith won't get what he desires. Thus, magic can be summed up as the practical application of Willpower in a manneer that alters reality. (as an interesting side note, the words translated as witch from the Ancient Hebrew and sorceror from the Ancient Greek both translate more literally as "drug dealer")

Magic is a force with humour, and if you don't believe fully in it, the WORST thing you can do is challenge it. I and many I know have all said "if magic really exists, then let this happen" only to be plagued by the requested event happening constantly for 7 days (or more). It is also a force that expands exponentially. As proven by the Coast To Coast AM experiments in collective consciousness, every "voice" added to this mental choir multiplies the effect. The responsibility of carefully forging your spell's wording is crucial, however, as magic looks no further than your intent. This is why "black magic" can be so dangerous if not properly handled.

Of course, I speak from my own wisdom and experiences. Many rely upon fetish magic or rituals and may have different notion s on why they work. The important thing is that it does, and with practice comes responsibility to create and not destroy, to help but not harm. nd to practice understanding for all of the poor Mundanes who live under a cloud of Catholoc and Hollywood myths regarding this inherent part of our existance...
silentleather silentleather
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Jul 1, 2010