I Believe In Community Gardens

Though my 'official' work is international development, I find that one of my greatest drives is simply to make the place where I live more community minded. I hate going somewhere that only has private space - where each person is quietly building their castle/mansion but where there is no community space. I realise now that whenever I walk into a park, or community cafe, I am benefitting from some great struggle that someone else has fought on my behalf. The contribution I wish to make to this cause is community green space: I want to create spaces where people can sit and enjoy the presence of nature - even if that space is only a few square metres. I believe in community gardens. I am working on a couple at the moment (plus a bit of guerilla gardening elsewhere) but want to find ways to bolster the momentum of these initiatives.
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1 Response Aug 24, 2012

This is a noble and inspirational one ! In the past, in my community. we started at our public schools and spread through parents connection such as emails and school newsletter.<br />
The result has been great. Veggies and Eggs go to kitchen daily. <br />
I hope yours will be expanded. Glad to read more of your experiences, and THANKS:)

Really? I assumed that this would be the tame end of the story-telling spectrum for this group. My real admiration goes to street pastors and youth workers... But I know that I need to be true to my own calling.