Explanation As To Why Prince George Is Rated Canada's 2nd Worst City:

   Everyone I know is always on McLeans Magaizine behind for making ranks about our cities in Canada here. It is not actually just MacLeans Magazine who ranks these cities in Canada...the information is sent to them about our cities, from reports, stats etc from the policing cities, so in long words short they are just the messanger for the information. And this is how they have ranked our city from all the reposrts they have been given by our policing to report this information, making us the second worst city in Canada as so chosen; 
     The 2010 murders capped a grim for Prince George Canada second year in a row. . It's highest and worst score ever in MacLeans Magazine 4th annual National Crime Rankings; 114 % above the national average.
    The year was marked by out breaks of gang and drug related crime, added to that was an uncharacteristic string of nine murders in and around the community of just 74,000 people (give or take a few up to date) 
   Four homicides are alleged to have been committed by 21 year old Cody Alan Legebokoff, he began these killings at the young age of 19 in the year of 2009. He is now deemed Prince George's teenage serila killer. Most of the rest of the crime are accounted for by organized crime and and the drug trade reported by Eric Stubs, Police Chief of Prince Geoerge.
     The rankings are based on our Analysist Canada Crime Severity Index (CSI) commissioned by MacLeans Magaizine to measure the crime activity in Canada's 100 largest cities and police districts. Canada's crime score has fallen 23 % since year 2000.
   Even Prince George after a murderous year, recorded a crime score 11% lower than a decade ago.
    CSI is a relatively new tool Stats Canada has created. It uses its police reports of a broad spectrum of offences to rank their relative seriousness. More wieght is allotted to worst offences such as murders, robberies, and serious assaults based on the length of sentences served.
     Using Stats Canada tally of seven murders in 2010, Prince Geoerge had the  highest per capita murder rate in Canada, 48 % above the national average. also tops the over all violent and non-violent crime score rankings among 100 cities.
     MacLeans also tracked crime trends by commissioning to run a six indicator offence;
1) Homicide
2) Sexual Assaults
3) Aggravated Assaults
4) Robbery
5) Break & Entering
6) Auto Theft

    The rate of breaking and entering was 89% above the national average, second highest in Canada.
    Vechicle theft was 104% above the national average, eight higest in Canada.
    Robbery 57% above the national average, fourteenth highest in Canada. (being there was just yet another robbery reported just yesterday in A sub Way Restaurant)

 The rate of aggravated assault was below the national average.
    Turf wars over the drig trade are related to addiction issues account for significant share of crime reports Eric Stubbs, Police Chief.
    Prince George does draw a large transient (crowd) population. Gangs have shifted some operations to the British Columbia interior after a concentrated effort by policing in the lower mainland to disrupt the organized crime drug trade. Eric Stubbs reported anti-gang initiatives have a significant impact, along with the work of downtown enforcement unit has made the central core safer and more welcoming. (**sorry not to agree with this, when you do go town town it is still plagued by heart breaking addicts, homelessness people)
    Prince George and area has endured much sorrow and crime. It sits on highway 16, now known as "The Highway of Tears" It is along stretch of road cutting through resource towns and wilderness between Alberta Prince Rupert British Columbia (Canada) on the Pacific coast.
    Eighteen women, mostly hitch hikers vanished without a single trace from 1969 to between 2006. Not one of them have been sadly found, and all the murders and disappearances still remain unsolved to this day. Forensics and age have eliminated Cody Alan Legebokoff from a suspect of any of those unsolved cases.
     Sharon Hurd, who works at the Pheonix Transition Society, a local women's shelter here in Prince Geoerge says the city remains a dangerous place, especially for vulunerable women, the viciousness of the relatiation by the gangs up here has everyone absolutely terrified, she adds I am not the least bit relieved, I am wondering how quickly they are going to get the next killer.
    Prince George is moving on, for what ever reason - vigilant policing circumstances Eric Stubbs reports, the city has not recorded a single murder in 2011. He adds I am knocking on all the wood I can find.
    The hard down fall of Prince George, is that we do have a serious drug and alcohol issue here in the city. The down town streets are sadly littered with the homless and addicts, kitchens who feed the homeless packed always, trying their best to make sure everyone gets a meal. Food shelters realing every year to try and provide what they can and as often as they can.
    We do have a rehab center here, but sadly offers very little lenghty help, 28 days in stay, then you have to leave. They do offer some what counselling of the addicts, but it is not enough. For serious help with any addictions, they have to leave town. As reported in our paper, for serious help at a major rehab center one has to go to Vancouver, Toronto or Halifax. Well this is certainly not an option for everyone to be able to do this. They do have thier meeting and clubs for addicts, but they are so scant in the meaning of help. Most addicts need long and serious medical assistance and total support, not just 28 days in and then off you go, and having to leave town again is not an option for all of them, as most do not have any employment, may or may not have family, and may or may on be on Social Assistence, and alot of time trying to get help out of them is like pulling teeth.
   We have tried to do several attempts to build a recovery center for addicts, but just chopices as to where they want to build these places, such as close to neighborhoods. Which is n doubt understandable why residents on areas they choose do not want these places near their homes, and the clientelle is not your friendliest.
    So we have a lot of growing to do, hopefully in the near future they do focus more on the real drug and alchol issues here and begin to get some real rehab centers here to assis these people, in and out of the rehab centers, give them choices to want to live again, and love life that once more as they did so long ago.

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Sep 17, 2012