Tragedy In Conneticut

I sit here feeling empty. The world just became darker by several degrees. The reports are that 8 teachers and 18 children were gunned down in an elementary school in Newtown, Conneticut.

I think of my children and my future grandchildren. How trusting and vulnerable they were and will be. The world is full of so much promise and so much beauty and yet there is also a high degree of selfishness and thoughtlessness. Frankly, if anyone doubts the presence of evil, this should dispel your doubts. Children, woke up and had breakfast. Some were excited about their day, others may have dreaded going to school, all were filled with beauty, unfulfilled potential and their life adventure waiting to be played out. In a few moments of absolute horror, filled with terror and pain, those lives were snuffed out. Snuffed out because a single person was selfish enough to focus all of his energy on his own pain, frustration and failure. There is room enough to even feel for the loss of his potential, but he receives no pity, no sorrow now. He forfeited that right. I wish he could remain nameless and also forfeit the attention he craved in a twisted, evil mind.

Society is already looking to this for political advantage. Both sides of the gun control argument are all over facebook and the news. We can't even step back from our polarized positions long enough to realize that the world just became darker by several degrees. When will we stop treating children like adults and refusing to pull back on some of our own freedom of expression to protect them from the things we say and do to "express" ourselves. When we will realize that morality is not personal, but universal and our poor choices do "harm" innocent victims whether we realize it or not.

Today is a day that should be remembered not just because children died, but because they died at the hands of evil and because that evil did not die with the policeman's bullet, but still lives throughout our country and our world. It shows up in shootings. It shows up in neglect. It shows up in abuse of every kind and it shows up in our inability to forgive and to live toward a higher purpose. We were created to be so much more, I pray that I will make better choices and that the families of these 26 victims will find peace.

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Very well said. Amen x