Sadistic Dominatrix - Madame Evaevil

For couple of years I serve my lovely wife at home and trained by her to be a good husband. Recently I discovered EP and start to meet amazing people that share my thoughts and my beliefs.
I had a great luck to find online here amazing Dom that almost immediately capture my mind and body and after getting permission by my amused wife she started to torture me on he web and just yesterday I had a great evening that was all instructed by amazing MADAME EVAEVIL the gratest sadistic dominatrix on earth.
"…i first took a shower to be clean and fresh, i prepared the instruments for my torture on a blanket in the study (clips, butt plug and heating cream) and first I open my laptop and red through some of EVAEVIL stories (love to make them scream, my pleasure from their pain, so very much) , it put me in the right mood for my evening. I put a picture from her profile on my laptop screen; I set on my knees and started to follow her directions one by one.
I start by applying the clips on my scrotum, foreskin and then on each nipple. The pain was bearable although it was difficult to put it firmly on my small and flat nipples. After one minute exactly, and then repeat it again for one more minute adding clips on tongue.
Again I felt I do fine and actually felt more horney than in pain. I rub them now with heat cream and took my plug and rub it also. I already know how painful it can be so I started to fill the fear of going forward. I closed all the windows and the door in case I will start screaming and got back to my place on the carpet in front of her picture.
The moment I insert the plug in my *** the hell started. I put quickly the clips again and again, found it more difficult to find fresh meat that is not burning already. I start crying and moaning as time goes and I felt the clips cutting in my flesh. There were moment that I had to stop to wipe my faces as I was sweating and shaking form pain and lust. At the end I slap the clips, act that squeeze short uncontrolled animal voices from my mouse.
It took me few minutes to catch my breath again and to thank you for letting me to show my respect and devotion.
Laying on the floor recovering from the session I felt that my **** is still stand hard and I found myself thinking of enjoying myself as no one was at home. I knew that this is a moment of test and I am the only one that will carry on the results of my decision. I was very proud of my decision as it was something that came from myself and not as an order from MADAME or my wife.
I took my wife leather mule the one with heavy wooden sole, put my **** on the table and beat it with the shoe until I felt it will fall off…
I did not *** and went to sleep happy and proud
Thanks madame EVAEVIL

doronen doronen
41-45, M
May 18, 2012