Marriage Can Be Beautiful

Many people in my generation don't believe in marriage. They feel it's a piece of paper for tax benefits and for a long time I felt the exact same way. That was until I saw how beautiful it was to be vulnerable with another and to give of oneself with love.

Marriage is more than just a piece of paper. Marriage is a union of two people coming together as one. It's something so beautiful, so profound, and worth exploring and experiencing if you're with someone you truly feel in your soul is a complement for your life.

There's a lot of people hell bent on getting married who are simply afraid of being alone. If you're afraid of loneliness, go make friends. Better yet, plunge into that abyss of loneliness and discover that much of the loneliness we feel is really just the fear and discomfort of being with oneself. The rest can be quenched by interacting with others. 

Marriage only becomes a piece of paper if you're with the wrong person for the wrong reason.

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Oct 16, 2012