So Be It

This is something I read on Reader's Digest, I hope they're not going to come after me for this. I've already created the group I Love Reader's Digest!

When I asked a friend the secret to his 52 years of marriage, he replied, "We never go to sleep angry."

"That's a great philosophy," I noted.

"Yes. And the longest we've been awake so far is five days."

Marriage Secrets - Don Bolden

It is crazy I know, how I keep my belief in marriage through the stories of these people but that's how it is.

A lot of people have lost their faith in marriage, a lot see disappointment, a lot of people downright hate the idea of it but I do believe in marriage, still do. If that makes me old fashioned, naive or anything you want to call me, so be it.

I think it is right to make a promise in front of an entity both of you believe to be the higher being, to take care of each other and be with each other for as long as you walk this earth because of love.

Doing it in front of beloved ones is a great thing to do, too, in that we ask them to help us, against outer threats or ones that come from ourselves.

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7 Responses Aug 17, 2009

I think so, and I think the so called modern society needs to change! :)

There's nothing at all wrong with your views on marriage. I think they are perfectly appropriate and correct. I just think the concept of marriage has become an inconvenience to the trappings of modern society.

There are some people who give marriage a bad name indeed. I'm guessing that's why a lot of people these days are afraid by the mere mention of the word.<br />
<br />
It's a shame though, to lose faith that way.

I'm with you June.<br />
I can't understand these couples who live together, Have children & even businesses together.<br />
But then say that marriage is to big a step to take!

And nobody else is the furthest from He Who Must Not Be Named!

LOL! I have been married for 10 years, but the longest we've been awake is a week!

I know that some day soon June will be a beautiful bride and make a terrific wife for some very lucky guy.