I Want To Believe

I am making this a goal.


This is highly necessary, as I am going to school to be a marriage counselor.

Everyone always asks me why, at such a young and unmarried age, I already know I want to do this.

I grew up in a small town, where everybody I knew went to the same church and I grew up with lots of kids my age.  We had parties for holidays, and saw each other three times a week.  As I grew older, I learned that things were not as they seemed.  Underneath the surface, most of our parents were struggling.  It became clear that my own parents could not even stand each other.. yet they stayed together.  Then, two days before my 16th birthday, it was revealed that my best friend's mother had an affair with my other friend's dad.. and that my best friend's two year old brother was actually a product of that affair.  This ripped our community apart.


So, I'm making it my life's goal to prevent what I can of this, and to fix what cannot be prevented.

Unfortunately, right now I can say I have seen very few marriages where people were happy together for longer than ten years, unless they are on their second marriage (those seem better for some reason).  So, I would love to read more stories on here that can show me that this is actually possible.

thank you for your time :)

NovemberBlue NovemberBlue
22-25, F
Nov 10, 2009