I believe in marriage as a commitment.

If and when I get married my marriage will be my priority - I will want to make sure my husband is happy, and that our relationship is strong. When the going gets tough I want us to remember our love and promise to each other and try and make things work.

I believe in marriage as the deepest partnership there is, loving and cherishing each other, and supporting each other, listening to each other, sharing life's beautiful moments and helping each other out when things get bad.

I believe in intimacy, trust and honesty, being physically and emotionally close. I believe in sharing our love in lots of ways including sex. I feel so sad for those who live in a sexless marriage because sex is one of the beauties of marriage - make passionate love, fulfil your desires within a loving relationship.

DancingFox DancingFox
31-35, F
Dec 6, 2009