Mermaids Are Real Get That Through Ur Thick Skulls Ppl

I am a mermaid and so is my friend lovewater/skylar and my friend ivyluv567 is a mermaid to-be iwas born one and so was skylar ivy wasnt so lucky she has tried every spell out there we/i found a spell that worked for skylars friend hayden so i gave it to ivy if anyone does have a spell and would like to help ivy if haydens spell doesnt work please tell us ivy really wants to be like me and skylar
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So your saying the best way to become a mermaid is to create your own spell??? Cool :) could you give me some advice please on the best ways to make your own spells? I just been a few pointers before I get started. Thanks so much for the inspiration btw! :D

Would u plz tell me a mermaid spell

Need to have a spell for a mermaid plz the people that are a mermaid know would u plz tell me the spell u used plz need to become one

Would u plz tell me how u become a mermaid would u also plz tell me ur spell I always wanted to become a mermaid and also when I was little I wanted to be a mermaid plz tell me I need to become a mermaid plz plz

Dwpends on wat u make it

Is being a mermaid fun or do u have to be secretive about it?

U have to be very secretive about it

Indeed you are

Or do your legs itch feel weird or tingle ? Even the tiniest bit ??

U got any "side affects"

Yay u do get side effects

2 more years and i can drive !



Im on the edge of 13 almost 14

Yes i have face book but i tend not to use it

O by the way I'm 11 ,12 in april 21

Hey do u hav a fb



Hey ivy