Totaly Believe In Mermaids

hey everyone i wanted to talk about mermaids well actuelly thats almost the only thing i talk about so get ready lol. So as my title sais i totaly believe in mermaids cuz once i was at the beach in californta and i saw a tail far into the ocean it was amazing ...i told my mom and she said it was probaby just a dolphin or something else but im really curious so of corse i didnt belive her and i tried really hard to find something to help i kept talking about it to one of my friends and she would all quiet wen i started to talk about this topic so i asked her why and she told me that she had recently just did a spell to be a mermaid and the side affects were kiking in really quick and then i felt bad for asking her but turns out the spell didnt work so we stARTED MAKING tons of reaserch and came up with a bunch of spells and other things so then i told my cousin lucy about it she has been helping us to this day cuz now she wants it plz if you have like any good spells or anything then plz plz plz comment them this is our only wish right now like this second..sp plz help us to be wat we wish to be and plz do not be rude or mean cuz thts just messed up and i dont wanna end up cursing or feeling hopeless or bad..thx a bunch :)
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You need reality, not a fantasy. This is either totally made up or just a very young young mind. You need to look to the heavens for your help from Jesus. He is real He is strong and can take you thru anything you go thru in life and if you walk closely with Him you will have an otherworldly beautiful experience where every day is special and "magical" as you call it. Except that real magic is not of God and witchcraft is strictly forbidden. I personally do believe in mermaids, but I don't think you can make yourself into one.Sorry

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