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In deep conversation the subject came up about miracles. Believe the miracles happen everyday, some may say that it is just science that it is just the way it is, but it is a miracle that it happens and it does everyday.

That a seed is planted and a plant grows out of it, isn't just that caused by nature but is part of the miracle.

Isn't nature a miracle in of itself?

Heard a story of a man that was looking for a miracle

The man is walking along looking for a miracle, he called out to God.

God I am cold, if you are God then I ask for a fire to be placed before me so that I may warm myself. There was a tree near the man and a bough broke and fell. The man fell back and said that is not a miracle that is just a tree with rotted wood.

The man continued to walk along and called out to God.

God I am hungry, if you are God the I ask for some food that I may fill my tummy and have the strength to continue my journey. A few moments later the man saw a chicken walk right by him, the man said that is not a miracle, just someone has lost a chicken.

The man continued on his journey again. Walking for a while then called out to God.

God, if you are God, If you are all that you claim to be, I ask you to show me your greatest miracle. There was a child that came up and looked at the man and the man said to run along home for the child's parents must be worried with their child missing. The child left, the man said that is no miracle but just a lost child.

The man died later, when the man went to see God he asked why did you not show me a miracle? Why did you not show me your power and prove to me that you are God?

God replied, You asked to be warmed - I caused the tree bough to fall at your feet so that you could make a fire. You asked for food - I sent you a chicken so that you may eat it and be filled. You asked for my greatest miracle that I have made - I sent you a child that you dismissed. I have sent you all these things and you say that none of them is a miracle. How would I show someone that is not open to see such things?


Everyday there is miracles that happen if we but look for them and not dismiss them as the normal everyday.

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Thank you dear sweet Pix.....

Great story mt!!! :-)