i grew up on the streets of nyc being told by everyone that i would never amount to anything more than a second generation welfare recipant  like the first generation welfare recipant .i am bipolar so i have been depressed my whole life i guess in 1995 i met and married a man i though was my knigth in shining amore in the 25 years we were together he and i went threw my shooting myself in the head god would not let me die i had tried other means  of   ending during my youth and it never worked my ex husband convinced me that god a perpose for me .i be came an l.n.a in a nursing home at first i tought it was a warehouse of death i later realized  that if you could help someone as they passed maybe i was here for that perpose no one wants to die alone. however the man i though was a knight hurt  our children we divorced 2009 seperated in 2004 after our then 15 y.o daughter filed sexual assualt charges agianst him in 2006 i had a car crash i am about to lose my home but dont think of killing myself as i know  the lord wants me here i look forward to finding out what he has in store me now
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Dear Tammy, I am grateful you wrote your story. It affirmed to me how important we are to each other. I agree that if you can help someone then that is a worthy purpose in life. I am hoping that you and your daughter have plenty of support. Please do what ever you can for you and your daughters comfort. You deserver it!<br />
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