Miracles Can Come In The Form Of People, Too!

I am a firm believer in miracles.  I've experienced so many of them, I'd have to be purposely blind to NOT be a believer.  I don't know about anyone else, but some of the miracles that have affected me directly are not always those of a gigantic proportion.  I see the miracle of a beautiful and inspiring sunrise.  I've felt the miracle of finding a life-changing love.  Many times when I was just a child, and when we lived in rather rural locales, I can remember lying in he grass at night and looking up at the heavens and seeing a clear sky full of diamonds.  I even tried counting them a few times.  :-)

This post, though, is about a miracle I witnessed today on YouTube, of all places.  I don't generally like those American Idol-type shows.  Not sure why; they just don't hold my attention.  Today, though, I saw & listened to a beautiful little girl named Jackie who is a contestant on America's Got Talent.  To say that Jackie can really sing is like saying the surface of the sun is awfully hot.

This child's ability to sing is a gift from God; of that, I have no doubt.  If you haven't seen or heard her, you will probably wonder--like I did--how such a commanding voice can come out of such a small girl!  She is truly a walking, talking, SINGING miracle, if ever I have seen one.  She sings opera in both clips, and you probably won't understand what she's saying, but it doesn't matter.  A beautiful voice is a beautiful voice no matter the languageacoo

I have included two clips from AGT so you can hear for yourself that I haven't exaggerated in anything I've written here.  My EP pal sleeplessinflorida brought this little girl to my attention, and I feel it incumbent upon myself to pass along this miracle onto whomever reads this post.

The link to her first performance follows below (the embed code for this video has been disabled, but DO NOT let it stop you from hearing her!):


This is her 2nd performance

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Yes, Amen. My nephew just lost his dad, and they did not have any insurance to pay for the funeral, and his Earth Angel, who was his teacher stepped up to pay for the entire funeral!! Thank you Precious Jesus!!