Choosing the Miracle

One of my  favorite affirmations:"Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I relinquish all grievances, resentments and regrets and choose the miracle."
datura datura
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Thank you for a very inspiring quote.

You're welcome!

I'm with you.

Makes life a lot easier, doesn't it! :-)



Can I watch,Max?<br />
<br />
I just did some cleaning and I'm too tired to help right now ;-)

I agree,AK, that we must choose to see and acknowledge them.

Beautiful sentiment. There are miracles everywhere, everyday; they are there for all to enjoy only you must chose to see and acknowledge them. I have received so many miracles in this lifetime... one in particular 28 years ago and I am still in awe.

I don't know why not, Zeggle. I was happy to get it!!!! :-)

Yes, Betty, that is so true!<br />
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Hi Zeggle!!!! Good to see you! ((((Zeggle))))). Yes, it is very ok!

Thank you Nora. Maybe I'll get inspired again to write soon. Kind comments like your help!<br />
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And you've had some pretty cool miracles lately!!!!! Yay!!!!!

We are the miracles of the world .. tra laa ..<br />
<br />
(sang to the tune of 'We are the champions' by Queen)

Wonderful and powerful statement. See beauty every day as the miracles are there.

Yes, they are, JW.<br />
<br />
And b and Tasmin, you certainly are.

Me too ;)

thanks lady d<br />
<br />
i am the miracle.<br />
<br />

Thank you, Tassie. ((((((hug)))))))

I like that affirmation ..

Thank you, livelaughlove! May we all uphold each other when those days creep up on us so we don't forget what we know!

datura, that is absolutely beautiful! i know what to read now when i think im having a bad day...

And thank you for the nice comment and for being my friend, Ladee!

I'm glad to hear you say that, Juan!

I must remember to choose to forgive myself, and accept the miracle.<br />
Thanks for the reminder.

Yes, Lily.Makes life a lot easier!

I'm with you on that one...datura

Thanks Tasmin.

Wow! Not heard that saying before but love it.<br />
Thank you for sharing. I find your stories very inspirational.

n i agree we can make miracles happen .... :) .... :D ...

Thank you B2D :)<br />
<br />
I like the Indian spelling:)

beautiful dhatura ...... :) ....

Thank you Shaylon, it's been a rewarding adventure!<br />
<br />
Sending you some positive vibes in hopes you find your miracles!

I need a miracle or 3 myself datura! Congratulations on pursuing new challenges.

Absolutely true!

Hey! Shaylon! LOOK!!! I did it! This may be a miracle!

Thank you Shaylon! I am very new to computers,having actively resisted them for all these years! My son, who studies computer engineering insisted last summer that I get with it, and put together a computer for me from extra parts he had around here. So. I am very new to all of this . But, I guess it does go to show that maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks after all !

On your page where it says logo you can change the pic. Once you click that there should be a button that says browse if you have some photo on your pc. Have a photo developer put new photos onto a CD to be saved onto the pc.

If I was more computer literate I'd replace it with something more unique! I'll ask my son for help when he's home from college. He will, of course, laugh at me.

That is cool! Everytime I see that cat I think I am talking to the same person though your nic is different.

For some reason I felt compelled to share this affirmation today. It is bringing me great joy that you appreciate it, too.

What a powerful statement. I am choosing the miricle too...and passing along the statement. Thanks