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I pray a lot, mostly a quiet head murmur, always trying to settle my nerves, keep focused on what is important in this life, in my daily life.
I try not to get bogged down too much with world events/tragedies, natural disasters, horrific wars and constant unrest, homicides and missing children...
I try to keep a balance in my head, but it's not always easy. Add to that a hefty dose of personal turmoil and its a headache waiting to happen most days.
So my prayer has been just to be able to settle down my shaking hands and all the nervous chatter in my head.
I actually prayed for a sign, out of desperation.
I got one.
The swans are back. A pair of Mute Swans on the pond outside my back door. They just appeared the other day, and they were the first thing I spotted upon arising and looking out. I gasped. To look at them brings peace to my soul. I know that sounds overly poetic, but it calms me to see them gliding on the water, kissing each other often, carefree and just ...happy. That's how they seem anyway. I can see them all day, I watch for them eagerly, because the sight makes me smile, and in doing that, wiping the tears and replacing them with a smile, I believe my blood pressure drops instantaneously. 
They are safe, for now anyway, I hope. That is, I hope they stay; I know they may not. I'll be sad again if they are forced to relocate for some reason.
But this week I got my sign. I believe in miracles, and my heart is a little lighter as a result.  
Quintesse Quintesse 46-50, F 8 Responses May 14, 2011

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I just like feeling that I am not alone in this.



I believe in signs and the power of prayer too. Thanks.

I am attentive, always.

I posted pictures of them in my albums. I'll probably keep adding to it, swans in the morning, swans at midday, swans eating etc...

I'm sorry, but it doesn't get old for me, haha

Oh man. You are going to make me cry. I know people have seen pictures of swans, and if I take some of mine they will look like any picture you have ever seen, but they are special to me, so maybe I will attempt to do it anyway and post them--then you can really see what I am seeing.

Thanks you two--you have inspired me.

o wow...I'll bet that was beautiful. :)

Thank you for sharing how you see your miracles. That was beautiful.

Thank you.

I mostly mind my own business, not so much into intercessory anything.

Carry on, though.

Great story. Use your prayer to build the Lord's churches! Could you join me for some intercessory prayers? My prayers are written in

It would be some major spiritual battles though. Be prepared, but the reward is huge. We need more intercessors for the nations, especially the U.S.