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I haven't been on a job interview in many, many years but I was not the least bit nervous. That should have been a sign. I walked in and everything that could have gone wrong sort of did. I had trouble finding the right office, the application was misleading and confusing, the person I was supposed to meet with was not there...
But I marched in anyway, confident, as I shuffled along behind her, "Right this way..."
After we cleared up what position I was there for, I relaxed considerably. The phone rang. She got up to answer it without saying "Excuse me. I'm sorry."
I was beginning to have my doubts. I wasn't sure this was how it was supposed to be done.
And she's back. There are two of them now and they are grilling me. I've been out of circulation for a number of years I tell them. Adoptions. Special needs. 
Autism if you must know. It has pretty much been my full-time job for the past 7 years.
They stop and look at one another. Then they both look at me.
This job is for a companion, to work with elderly people after they have been discharged from the hospital. The hospital sends me out to their home to help them get settled. I like driving. I like elderly people, prefer them actually,  and mostly I like the idea of getting out of my house and getting paid.
Autism huh? 
Yes I tell them, I am an expert now, in all aspects of Autism--on the job training as it were. She is doing quite well. They are impressed. I even take the opportunity to share a picture. They are sincerely enthralled. She is an angel, after all.
Would I consider working with Autistic people in addition to elderly people?
I would LOVE that I say, visibly excited. I am good with disabilities. I have experience, both in home health and emotionally--what it entails. I would love nothing more than for you to be able to utilize me in that way. 
Then it happens. We also have a program that assists new moms. Would you also consider being dispatched  to help new moms with childcare?
What happened next is a little foggy but I think this is when I slipped off my chair to the floor and ended up on my knees, tears streaming, hands clasped, praying to the suited women before me to please, please, please grant me the opportunity to serve in this capacity...
You would have to go through training and you would have to wear scrubs and you might have to change a diaper or two.
Let me get this straight. Helping, elderly people, people with Autism and new moms with infants---my favorite kinds of people...
And you are going to PAY me!?
You mean I don't have to sit in front of a computer and I do not have to be in a dark office and I do not have to be on my feet all day or work crazy hours? I can be out on the road, visiting people, and they will be elderly and innocent and little?
I think I blacked out for a while, but when I left they were shaking my hand and stuffing business cards into them and smiling. I am sure I thanked them for giving me the opportunity...hoped to hear from them...I think I flew home.
Yeah. It was hard for me getting back out there. I don't have much of a resume after all  these years. But I did it. And it worked.
Yes. I do believe in miracles.
I start on Monday.
Quintesse Quintesse
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Nell, I love it when people say that. It comes easy for me, but the writing is so integral to who I am that I cannot help but feel really flattered when people compliment me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I love the way you write.

hope you had a great 1st day its lovely to here about your experience

This story is old now but it was a wonderful job while I did it. I loved every second of it. Thank you for reading and commenting.

And now I'm smiling too. That 's cool how that works. Thanks for reading. I'm glad it lifted you. It does me too--every time I remember. Thanks again.

im smiling for the first time this morning i am smiling

Thank you. It is not for everyone--it takes a certain type of person. For one thing you have to be exceedingly comfortable with complete strangers. I have a knack for putting people at ease so I was successful. Also, I like meeting new people and I get enormous satisfaction from ...helping. Thanks for your comment.

I am no longer at this job--it was the springboard that led to other things though. I loved it, I loved every second of it. There were many surprises though--all of them pleasant!

Wow! That is wonderful. Not me, however I am so happy it is you and that it worked out.

As a matter of fact...
Thank you RuntotheMoon. I really appreciate the compliment.

I really do hope, as all these moments pass along in your life, that you are putting together a book.
Not sure you understand the full extent of your talent......

Thanks bowman. It was a beautiful job. The real beauty though was how I fell into it. It provided me with a jumping off point as they say and I loved every second of it. Thanks for reading and for the congratulations. It was fun.

Win win for sure. You have the job you desired and they are lucky to have you. Congratulations.

Soulrunher, I say listen to Riley.
I exaggerate a lot in stories and although I made myself appear desperate in this one, the reality is I acted like I owned the place. I was a little miffed when the woman got up and took a call without properly excusing herself for example, so there was some slight eyebrow raising coming from my general direction. I told them I was perfect for the job, that I had (some undocumented) experience and that I was an enthusiastic and fast learner. They liked that... haha.
Once they gave me my break, getting another job was a piece of cake (later) because then I had someone to recommend me, which was huge. Then, as Riley so wisely suggested, the confidence becomes real.
The miracle was in how it all came together. I started out feeling unqualified for anything and wound up feeling that it was a perfect fit, somehow designed just for me. I loved that job.
I hope it all works out for you too.

So do you have any advice for,"Getting back out there?" I'm needing to and its scary. Where to start! What's changed? All these online applications are awful. What happened to just talking face to face? Oh and the resume! How to fill in the last 20 years of being super mom? No one cares!! If you have any tips that would be great. Thanks

It may sound silly but just pretending to be confident really helps and before long the real thing comes along.

Freezy and littlebobo,
Hey, thanks so much for the comments. I love coming back to this story. I inspire myself-- that is, I relive the utter joy I felt when I wrote this. It was so much fun. It is easy to overlook the miracles if you're not paying attention. I pay attention. This was a good one. Thanks again.

Ps--Bobo, your job sounds like fun too. Hooray for you!

I love your story, its good to know in a world obsessed with perfection things can go wrong and still end well. Thanks for sharing this story.

I love what you said about perfection not being all it's cracked up top be--sometimes miracles happen in the most unlikely of places. Thanks so much!

Thanks so much to all of you who have commented recently while I was AWOL for a while. This story means a lot to me, although I no longer work for this agency. They gave me my start, a break and I appreciated it and I loved every second I had that job. I never got to work with infants but I made a few really good elderly friends and I got to work with a teen with Autism for a while. It was all very rewarding.
Miracles happen. I am proof of it.
And the way you guys made me feel today, now--just another example of the power of love. Thank you, sincerely.

That was awesome! Good luck and happiness to you.

My neighbor have a son that is autustic and I know it can be very challenging. My father is 90 and lives in an apartment for people over 55, and some of them are close to 100 and that can be very interesting. After reading your letter I doubt you would run into much that would challenge you though. Great attitude! Certainly a very special person.

This is a really nice comment. Thank you for it. I appreciate it.

I am so proud of you ! My 5 year old son has autism and its been kind of tough but Im touched that you have had experience dealing with the autistic issues that some kids face with that diagnosis~ God saw that you helped and helped and now it was your turn~ Enjoy that job and continue to be a blessing~


Great so happy for you.

Wilmot, Well, at least you didn't say you were looking for a new nude position. Now that would be inappropriate. <br />
Sorry for the slip. It happens. It wasn't meant to be. Better luck nest time. I joke, but I wish you well, sincerely.

Thanks lydream. I no longer work at this job, but I have fond memories of it all. It was serendipitous, how when I needed this, it was there for me, the experience. I loved it.<br />
Thanks for your support.

Me too. I have learned to be patient and to watch for signs...

Oldbox person. I loved that job. I still communicate with the friends I made during that time. You could say they changed my life and that would not be an exaggeration. This is why I believe in miracles. Thank you for reading and commenting. You made my day. Thanks.

Good for you, Quintesse. I hope the job was everything you hoped it would be. It was a marvelous and inspiring story and very well written.

Niphysio<br />
I loved my job. I've moved on since then but I made some wonderful friends in the process of my transition. Thanks. I hope you find your perfect job too.<br />
Thanks for reading and commenting. Good luck.

You wouldn't believe this... but I had applied for a position in one of the difficult areas of the country as programme manager (Safe motherhood project), and they mailed me yesterday that I got it...!! I think, this is about being happy in other's happiness! Thanks for this story which kept my chin up!

Hey! I am between jobs and I know how it feels to find a perfect job... plus I am amazed at your willingness and ability, and wanting to work for people. <br />
How did you like your work?

What an amazing testimony...thanks for sharing!

Thank you two for your good wishes. <br />
I love when things seem to fall into place in life. This job was very good for me, until I was forced to take a leave when my older daughter went off the rails...<br />
Life throws curve balls sometimes. I find myself running around the infield trying to field everything at once, all Buggs Bunny like, playing all the positions. There are home runs for sure, and I rarely strike out, so that 's something.<br />
I believe in miracles though. I'm expecting another one any day now.

:))) (triple smile)

Congratulations Q! I am so happy to hear your story. I think you are a brave and courageous lady to do the things you like. Double thumbs-up to you! Keep your faith and I believe you will do well.

Hey! Thank you. It is going great. I could not be happier. The interview was ...interesting, but I won them over with my sparkling personality, haha. <br />
Thanks for sharing my happiness.

Geetar--that's it exactly. You've got it. They said from the start that there was a lot of potential for me within the "system." but this was the first step. I am optimistic and happy and lucky to have a job at all these days. <br />
It doesn't get any better than that for me. <br />
Thank you for your good wishes. You really do sound happy for me. It's a regular lovefest on this story, haha. <br />
Good wishes all around--everybody!!

Thanks Jinnie. They did like me. They do like me, and I am very comfortable with them too. It's a great fit. I am willing to do anything and go anywhere and not complain that I am not being compensated adequately. They hit the jackpot.<br />
<br />
But, obviously because I put this story in "I Believe In Miracles" I feel extremely fortunate.<br />
Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

It was the interview you weren't sure about. You did great. I think these people were praying for a miracle. Not everyone can take care of elderly, know any thing about help a person with autism or can be ready to take the pressure off a new mom. I know you're excited but just think for minute about them putting those business cards in your hands. I believe they were excited that they finially found someone that could do these things and do them well. Caring for people means a lot to them and you. The hardest part I've ever found is not getting attached.

Honestly--I can't help but share.<br />
I met someone the other day who is 99 years old.<br />
There's a lesson right there.<br />
She is more years older than me than I have been alive.<br />
Think about that.<br />
The stories are already starting to pile up in there.<br />
Must...come...out...<br />
haha<br />
thanks, you

Her story is kind of sad and it wound up in "I am a Democrat."<br />
Maybe I speak for her in the only way I know how.<br />
Maybe a few people learn of her and say an extra prayer.

'Sisters are sisters no matter what' - love that. And I can't wait to read the story.

Oh I've got stories, mainly because they have stories. <br />
All you have to do is take a giant step into an 88 year old woman's life and the stories flow like water. <br />
She is my new best friend. We joke about the 40 year age difference. Sisters are sisters no matter what.<br />
I'm making myself cry here. The story is forthcoming, definitely.<br />
Thank you again for taking an interest in all of this. I find human interaction fascinating, which is why I have been here so long. It is nice to know that there are others who care about stuff like this. There are a LOT of stories out there. I thank you for reading mine.

It's great to hear that, Quintesse. And you will have so many opportunities to get to know new people! And help them. Yes, I can imagine it is very rewarding. I hope we'll soon hear some stories about them too.

Thank you! I was pretty much made for this job and my boss is impressed at the ease with which I can converse with people, which is obviously a plus since you are walking into people's homes when they are at their most vulnerable...<br />
I LOVE it so far. I am doing good. Thank you for your encouragement. Imagine being paid to interact with people and help them. It is very rewarding. <br />
Thanks again.

That's wonderful! :) I've read several of your stories so far, and it seems to me that compassion and nurturing are your natural gifts. The job was waiting for you! I too believe that miracles do happen, but when they happen to you, touch you personally, it just feels like magic and takes your breath away...I hope the job will give you lots of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Oh man--I have not been here much so I did not see your story but I will go there. I am so sorry.<br />
I KNOW how lucky I am to have this job, this opportunity, believe me. And the fact that I like it--added bonus.<br />
I am sorry, again. It is very hard. I hope you are one of the lucky ones and that you find something soon.

Hey Thanks! <br />
I met my first client this week, and it felt good, knowing that I could help her. <br />
At this writing she doesn't know it yet--but she is helping me too.

Thank you Charmerende. <br />
I have to tell you, I have been stuck so long I am totally ready to go far. And I'm off to an excellent start--making friends like crazy. It's fun out there in the world. Who knew?<br />
Thanks for the positive reinforcement.

And this is a cool comment. You made me smile--ear to ear as they say.<br />
It's going great so far. I'm really happy.<br />
Thank you Frankster for being happy for me and with me.

This is the COOLEST, happiest story that I have read in a long, long time. Someone with a great heart like yours to be able to spend your days doing something you love so much.<br />
Yes! Miracles do happen.

Thanks you guys. I have been pretty overwhelmed this week but tomorrow is the big day. It will snowball after that. I'm not nervous, I am excited. I like to feel needed, and I am in this case, so it should be fine. <br />
I'm looking forward to it.

So fantastic... sitting in wonderment at your glimpse of the big picture. Doesn't get better than that. Congratulations :)

My daughter has sucked all the new job happiness out of me this week. It has been rough. However, orientation and training finished--I meet with my first client on Friday. I am excited. A new friend...<br />
More later.<br />
Thanks for the support.<br />
Hug each other for me.

Thank you guys! I am pretty happy for me too. <br />
So far it is just orientation--16 hours worth!<br />
I am now a benefits expert, I believe, in addition to security and infection control. Go ahead, ask me anything. <br />
I should find out tomorrow when I start my REAL job. Now THAT will be a big day.<br />
Still, this was pretty fun.<br />

Oh Q - this is the BEST news! Im so thrilled for you - and thrilled for the people who get their lives enriched by you working in this capacity - jeepers its like they made the job for you!<br />
So so SO happy for you!

Yippee!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!

That god man--what is it they say? Something about mysterious ways?<br />
Haha<br />
Thank you!

Awesome! It is so cool when God literally leads you to the right job and you know that he did it.

I have my clothes all laid out. I feel like a kid.<br />
And this is just 8 hours of hospital orientation. Oh brother.<br />
Haha<br />
I don't have any clue when I really get to start. Still, it's an adventure, to be sure.<br />
Thanks for sharing in my joy.

Well, Blueeyes, I didn't come to this way of thinking over night, and it certainly is hard to see the light when things are not going so great, but I have found over the years, that mostly it does all come together, and if you look real closely you can sometimes see a timeline--like how you got to where you are in life-- and often you can then see some silver in the lining too--in hindsight--not so much when you are going through the pain. <br />
When you are suffering and someone says "Everything happens for a reason" I am not sure but I think you can legally knock their block off and not get charged with any offenses. IT is only when things settle down and starts coming together that you cans say, as I am saying now----Ohhhhhh, Now I see...<br />
<br />
Dee--thank you so much. I have a feeling this job is going to provide me with some good story material. I like people for the most part and I like meeting new ones, so this should be great. Thank you for your support and well wishes.<br />
<br />
And collision person--I DO think I have found my purpose! Thank you so much for saying that. I was struck by it. It IS like they were waiting for me, as you said. That you said that really made me feel great today. Thank you. I was so grateful to get a job that I forgot that I was helping them too--they were after all looking for help. I forgot. It's win/win.

Wonderful! Sounds like this is tailor-made for you. I'll look forward to hearing more about it once you start :)

I KNOW! I thank you Blueyes! <br />
The more I think about it the more amazed I am that this happened. I despise cliche's generally, you know that everything happens for a reason stuff, but, I lost a baby, which then led to us adopting which led to Autism, which led to me meeting so many people I call friends today, which led me to this job, and honestly there is no telling where this may lead.<br />
It is very difficult when you are going through hard times to see the big picture and to understand the whys and hows of life, but every once in a while you get a glimpse of fate and if you're me, you shake your head in wonderment. It has not been easy for me, but I go with it now instead of struggling, fighting everything that happens. I have learned some tough lessons, and I watch as things fall into place. I don't panic as much as I used to because if you believe that it is all your life unfolding, then even the hard times can be gotten through. <br />
As you can see, I agree that it is amazing to think about.<br />
Thank you so much.

Thank you. I love how that works--reciprocity. You make me happy too.

All the well-wishes are really making this whole experience great for me. Thank you guys. This has actually been in the works for a while so the fact that I am actually starting is exciting. Heck, I even think orientation is fun. I don't have a lot of people to share my good news with so this is wonderful. I feel like I am getting tons of pats on the back and high fives. Thank you all.

I just saw this hon ... this is excellent ... so pleased for you!!

Yeah. Thank you. I think it was meant to be too. Right place, right time kind of thing. Typically, if I can get in the door I am fine. I was just happy to be let in the door; that was the break I needed, and got.<br />
Thanks for all the well wishes. I am excited.

I'm so happy for you. It was meant to be. Like a pit of a peach that is thrown to the ground and trampled, it begins to sprout a given a chance to grow tall, bloom and bear fruit of its own. What a wonderful full circle story. An inspiration for us all.

great news!!!!!!<br />
<br />
love <br />

Wow, thank you guys. To log on and see all these comments and congratulations-- It feels amazing. I am touched, and a little choked up.<br />
Thank you all. <br />
Naturally I am really happy. Not only did I find and get a job--it is my dream job. <br />
Plus--think of all the story material I will have. This is great I tell you. Great! <br />
Seriously. I am genuinely happy and I am so glad that I have a place to share my joy and people who care about me to share it with. I appreciate you all.

What a wonderful turn of events! Congratulations.

Hey when your feet are on the right path you never know how far you will go or where it will lead. Careful the way you're going you will be running the place in a month.<br />
<br />
Pssst, by the way resumes are highly overated let's face it they are nothing more than an add campaign. I don't believe infomercials or political promises either. I have probably hired a couple hundred people over the years and I never, ever paid attention to the resume. I hired ba<x>sed on what I saw and heard during the interview process<br />
<br />