God Healed Me Of A Bowel Problem So Horrific That Mere Words Could Describe It!

For years i suffered with first irritiable bowel ,then progressed to Diverticultis,then parital-blocked bowel. - I quit eating except for a very very small meal once a day & drank  Insure-of course i lost weight,but still could not avoid horrible pain-Because naturally i had to eventually use the toilet,. How i dreaded that - it took me sometimes two hours of enemas & digitally removing stool. NOTHING WOULD SEEM TO COME OUT -SO I FINALLY AGREED TO SURGERY-but OH I dreaded the thought of a bag on my side,but worse the thought of dying during surgery.
I have always bleleived in GOD and KNEW God healed -but HE did not seem to answer my prayer on this issue,though many times I have seen Miracles from HIM! My surgery was schedule in 5 days ,and I got ready to completely empty my bowel  and Drank the gallon of stool cleansing (As perscribed ).        I had drankk about 2 glasses and suddenly ,just "out of the blue " I thought "WHY  Are You taken Surgery?" -I just stopped in my tracks,"HUH?" I thought,why ? because I can not take this pain. But a heared in my mind & heart "TRUST GOD AND HE  WILL HEAL YOU ". So I quit  drinking the nasty tasting solution and wet to bed. The next morning I called & cancelled my surgery . It has been days now,and I am using the bathroom normaly ,eating any & every thing . NO PAIN NO PROBLEM _And i was taking pain pills thru the day ,NO pain pills at all. I just got back from a Ladys Meeting at church,we ate afterwords. AND as i was going thru the line i was eagerly piling on my plate  Fresh uncooked broccli,carrots,tomatos , fresh raw fruits ,and all the goodies i COULD NOT EAT before- I laughed & spoke out loud ,"I am eating all te things i could not eat before ,because I TRUST GOD " and the sister beside me said "Amen Sister" 
Still trusting and declaring GOD HEALED MY BOWEL PROBLEM! AMEN
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4 Responses Oct 14, 2011

You did the right thing to say it exactly as it happened. Don't ever be ashamed. God wants us to show forth his praise by telling what He did for us. What a kind, gentle, compassionate God we serve. Jesus is worthy to be praised.<br />
God bless you.

praise the lord

Praise God! He heals all our diseases!!:) Peace and blessings to you always!!!

Amen. He is the same unchanging God. God bless you. MySpace: thelivingsprings