Small Miracles Happen

i believe sometimes we miss them b ecause we are looking for something bigger we need to thank god for evrything good that happens to us
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Amen! We need to praise and thank Him for who His is. We need to praise and thank Him for what He has done through all generations. Also, praise and thank Him for what He is doing in this generation...and praise and thank Him for what He is doing in our lives and the lives of those we love and care about. He is so worthy of ALL our praise and thanksgiving! What a God we serve!!!!!

Very right you are

Everyday we participate in a myriad of miracles. Only, sometimes, we forget to notice.

very true T/Y

Really my friend you have explore truth in very few words. I remember one story that one man didn't believed in god and would like to say god not create this world. opposit to it his son was theist and felt himself hurt when his father say like this. one day he plan to teach his father and painted a photo that his father liked the most and hanged it on the wall. when his father came back to home he saw the photo and was very pleased. he asked his son how and who paint this photo and hanged it. boy said nobody painted and hanged it rather it happened in itself. you it's very hot today and storm that's what paper got on to table and color spilled on it and photo was painted and with the storm it flied and sticked to wall that's all the his father said it's not possible in any way because it can't be formulted by itself. son laughed at his remarks and said "dad" if this non living painting can't be created by itself then how u can can say this live universe formulated by itself? his father had no answer for his quest but to realize that his son is right.

Great story...I think that as well as thanking God for what He has given us that we should also thank Him for what He has taken away. We get closer to God through good and bad times because our faith is always being tested. It's so easy to stray from the Lord when life is going great and He reminds us that He is still running the show, and this makes us realize how much we need Him in our lives every second of every day. Praise and glory to Our Almighty Father. Amen. Leena

Yes so many instances when I look back make me wonder how often God or our Lord has taken a hand and intervened, probably to protect me from myself. And that is not even looking at the many and most graciously given kindnesses he has extended us in our various societies. Just watch the news - every night to see what I'm talking about.