Im A Miracle Baby

when i was born i was known as a premature baby i was so small my head was the same size of a persons palm i had tubes all over me and i was put into an incubator i had my head shaved so they could drain the fluid from my brain all the fluid was crushing my brain this is known as fluid on the brainalso known as Hydrocephalus (water on the brain ) the head becomes that big you can cant lift the head it can cause brain damage when older i died 3 times and was broght back to life thw doctors said that i should have been dead or in a wheelchair disabled from neck downwards and even now no one knows how i survived at full health that said if it wasnt for my will to survive i wudnt be here today at full health i have learning difficulties but apart from that im fighting fit i just thank my lucky stars that im here today and im greatful that im all well and good i must have been destined for something other wise how come i lived
symptoms include
Eyes that appear to gaze downward
Separated sutures
Symptoms that may occur in older children can include:

Brief, shrill, high-pitched cry
Changes in personality, memory, or the ability to reason or think
Changes in facial appearance and eye spacing
Crossed eyes or uncontrolled eye movements
Difficulty feeding
Excessive sleepiness
Irritability, poor temper control
Loss of bladder control (urinary incontinence)
Loss of coordination and trouble walking
Muscle spasticity (spasm)
Slow growth (child 0–5 years)
Slow or restricted movement
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Amazing. You're definitely here for a reason.

You are a walking

amen you are a miracle praise the lord

i dont believe in god im more a wiccan but thank you