At Last

It was a very hot morning. I heard birds chirping, my dog barking, my mp3 player hooked up to a stereo playing softly. I was told to go to the car by my mother. I did it. I didnt know where we were going and i didnt ask. I had lost my seeing because someone asked my mother were we were going and she ran into a bus. I know. Shes a great driver. I felt a sudden turn and then heard the moter stop so i knew we had stoped. I got out and folowed the sound of my mothers foot steps. I walked into what i now knew was the hospital. I sat on the hard metal bed and immeditly felt a sharp needle enter my arm. I was out like a light. When i woke up i opened my eyes and i could SEE my mother. She looked more aged than the last time i saw her. I could SEE me in a mirror across the room. My bla k hair over grown and my olive skin reflecting the light of the room. I dont know how they did it but i didnt ask. I will never ask again. I looked at my phone with the brail on it that i would know longer need. I looked at a text from my boyfriend who i will call Hiro for safty porpuses. The weird thing is he looked about the exact opposite of what i expected but he was still the most beutiful thing i had ever seen (but it wasnt hard) I watched my favorite movie for the first time and tintin looked exactly like i imagined. I read books with out brail which was hard but worth it. I can see.
rebel96 rebel96
13-15, F
May 5, 2012