My Heart Attack

I had heart attack two years ago when I'as on work. It start at 10am. In the beginning I felt light pain in upper abdomen and chest. But I took that very lightly and drink more water thinking that may be gas or acidity. And return to work back. I continued working with pain for about 2 hours then i felt that this developing more and more. Then I took it seriously and looked for my boss to inform him of my pain. So I climed up the staires because he was upstairs. In this way my both actions were restricted in heart attack. I again made mistake by boarding on bus to get home for rest. On the way an unknown power pushed me out of bus and I walked to my doctor but upto this time the pain was too severe to tolerate. I continued to reciting and rembering my God. Any how I got to doctor. Seeing my condition he scolded me why I had not call 911 when the pain started. Don't you know it is heart attack and he immediately called 911 and I was flooded to LIJ hospital.
Afer knowing my condition and history doctor's first remarks were" It's a miracle that you are still alive because your activities were to kill you yourself.
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great post praise the lord

Hi stuwebb2 how u doing 2day. I thank u from bottom of my heart for your appreciation. Actually I wrote this all to alert others that they should not repeat the same crazy mistakes i did