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I love reading stories about miracles and good things happening. There is so many bad, horrible things going on in the world and that's all we hear about when we turn on the news. It gets depressing after awhile and makes us wonder what the hell people are thinking. But every now and then, I come across a story that makes me believe in miracles and "good things" again. I read a story earlier..that I would definitely call a miracle. A woman in Michigan was 9 months pregnant..her ex-boyfriend decided he didn't want another kid and it is assumed he wanted her killed. She was kidnapped, tied up, blindfolded, taken to an alley. The guy poured gasoline on her and set her on fire, she dropped to the ground and rolled..so he decided to shoot her a couple of times...once in the back. She "played dead" and he ran off. She was able to get in her car, drive to her moms' house and her mom took her to the hospital. Both her and the baby will be fine. I don't know how badly she was burned or anything, but I think it's a miracle that her and the baby survived all of that!
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