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Believing God For One Right Now !!

I'm looking for a miracle for my oldest daughter[24], she is in an abusive marriage, and they have a 4wk old baby. She is mentally challenged. She has always wanted a boyfriend, and to keep up with her little sister[22], who got married at 19, and had a baby at 20. So 2yrs ago she met this guy, one of my sons weed buddies, and she started smoking with them, and feel in love with it, about a month later she move in with him, and thats when the abuse started. Thy married last summer, even though her brother warned her about this guy, she finally admitted to me that she was afraid of him, but wants her son to have a father. We are so afriad that his anger is going to get the best of him one day, I pray everyday that God will bring her back home safely.
libertybalanced libertybalanced 51-55, F 1 Response Jul 6, 2012

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How long has she been married? could she not have the marriage annuled?<br />
Seeing as she has a mental problem could you not intervene in some way.<br />
Keep praying and get a picture of how you would want your daughter to be and trust God by thanking him. God calls those things that are not as though they were. I have had endless answers to prayer by doing this. He is faithfull always - keep praying.