My Cousin's Survival

This is by my best friend's story. She doesn't have an EP account but wants to share something that she calls a miracle. Thanks for reading her story!


I am very close to my cousin. We always hang out, like best friends. When he was in first grade, maybe 6 or 7 and i was just a 4 year old, something happened. He started feeling really sick. Not the normal kind of sneeze and cough sick, the i-can't-move-because-i'm-so-fatigued sick.
So, of course our family took him to the doctor just thinking it was a simple virus, not worrying too much. The doctor took some x-rays and M.R.I's lots of scans- too stay simple. After they got the results, they told us the word nobody ever wants to hear- cancer.
He had about 2-3 surguries, i can't really remember that well, gosh, we were so young! After the surguries, he did chemo, and after the chemo, the doctors told us he had a 34% chance of living. We were devastated.
Then came the shots. H e took about 100 shots in that year, about 3 a day. Slowly, must i stress, very slowly, he got better. That 34% moved up to a 40 and that 40 moved up to a 47 and so on. And his hair started growing back! By the end of the year, he was practically almost 100% healthy. I remember he had to redo first grade because he missed a whole year. I also remember when we would empty all the medicine out from the shots and we would play hospital with his dinosaurs that had the white beads inside of them and we would pull them out with the needle and act like we took out the infection.
Now my cousin is a healthy fifteen year old- like he never had cancer. And that is my story, hope you liked reading it. Its my special miracle- whats yours? Post in comment.

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