I'm Still Alive By God's Grace.

I nearly died as a baby with pneumonia, then when I was 4yrs old I nearly drowned in a whirl pool in a river. At the age of 15 I was suppose to go to an Easter convention with 3 friends and felt strongly not to go and on their way back all 3 were killed in a head on collision. Then on my honeymoon we landed in another country only to find there was floods and as our mini bus crossed over the bridge of a rageing river leading into the ocean as our back tyres touched the road on the otherside the whole bridge split in the middle and got washed away. Then I got an electric shock with the hairdryer and my hand was wet when tried to pull the plug out the wall. It through me right across the room and I heard a voice say X3 times throw it and I threw the plug on the floor.
Lastly I was crossing the road one day and I always took my baby with me on Saturdays to go shopping while my husband parked the car and this day I said he must just take him with and catch up with me. I was knocked over by a plantecknekin, a huge big truck with the big green lights at the top. I flew from the center of the road and all I saw was an old man his eyes as big as saucers and he put his arms out and caught me. I fainted but he held me up.
I am still here by the Grace of God.
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God bless you, and thanks for sharing!

Thank you and thank's for reading my post :)

You have a close link to God and listen to your angels.

My goodness mpde you really have to have a angle looking after you,for all that to have happened.And as you've said,you're still here.God has bigger plans for you if he's not ready for you yet.By the grace of God.

To mama
I would like to point out I was perfectly respectful at all times.
It is very typical of people with strong religious beliefs you just can't tolerate any body else's views you always think you know best!

wow mpde.. great post! I dont think I have read this one.. and by the way, great job standing your ground, kindly, with corpun who thinks we use God as a crutch.. Wouldn't corpun be surprised to find out how difficult walking with God can be...especially when our faith is being stretched and we are being changed to be more Christ-like by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a very strange mental world we live in, to outsiders. But that is to be expected. To bad that unbelievers can't be respectful... of course I can say the same for many christians who are not respectful to unbelievers. But anyway, good job mpde.. i hope you are well, and I super love this post!!!!

This is my last word on the subject.

What a very strange mental world you live in, in fact it could be described as a virtual world!

It seams that your religion is merely a mental crutch so you can cope with the world and I belief this is the reason why every civilisation prior to modern science where we have a far greater understanding of the world and mankind's place in it, invented a god to explain every thing, we know know better, there are no gods.

Thank you for the interesting discussion.

Ok well each to their own.
I don't believe in religion but rather relationship and I respect people and what they choose to believe in and in no way am dogmatic about it as everyone has a right to make their own decisions.
As for me and my household we will serve the Lord.
Whoever it is that you know or even if it is yourself that lost a child.
Please know that I have been praying for the parents and all who knew and loved that child that God would be close in their grief. Not believing in God doesn't stop him from being God.

Thank you for yes a very interesting discussion.

But if you give your god glory for the good things you are holding him responsible for those good things therefore you must accept he is responsible for the bad things as well!

Strange sort of love that is don't you agree?

Yes you are right and I do hold him responsible for the bad aswell.
But I also in faith have to trust he knows best even though I don't understand it and there is a reason for everything. I react and get angry and sometimes cry alot and go through all the normal emotions that are connected to the situation.
But then I ask him to help me cope with everything I'm suffering and he always does. He says he sends the comforter to comfort us in times of sorrow. It makes me feel worse to not have God in my life.

I wonder if you also give your god glory for the bad things in your life as well? If you had a child that died as an infant (as most did until relatively recently) would you still say thank you to your god and for his love for you? Just what sort of love is that!

I am not going to sprout some Holy than thou preaching to you.
Loosing a child is I can only imagine the worst kind of heart ache one can experience.
I have been through trauma concerning one of our children and the shock of it caused me to loose my voice and all I could whisper was Jesus.
Some blame God when bad things happen and some run to him in faith for support. Nobody has the right to judge another until they have walked in their shoes.
I didn't give God glory for what happened to my Son but I clung to him and spoke to him inspite of it.
Yes being totally honest with you I was angry with him for allowing it to happen.
Just as our children get angry with us but in the end they know we still love them. My anger towards God doesn't stop him loving me and he understands.
We don't have all the answers in this realm on earth.
I know God loves not only me but everyone and I don't confess to know or have all the answers. When we go through the valley in our lives it's then that there is one set of footprints in the sand and where we would ask God why when I was broken hearted did you leave me and he would say NO it was those times I carried you.
We allowed to be angery, it's normal.
There is a safe place to rest believing he is with us always in the good and the sad.

Just very, very lucky! There is no such thing as a god just as there aren't fairies or ghosts or any other mythical things.

I see you replied to this on the 18 Sep last year and my answer remains the same.
We can agree to disagree as I live by the grace of God and give him glory for every good thing in my life and his love for me.
You are intitled to your opinion and I respect that.

Holy cow sister!! I'll have to message you later with some miracle stories. Thank God for His miracles!! Great story, i love it!

Thanks for reading my story dear friend,
Can't wait to hear about your miracle stories.

Wow! You are soo soo lucky, escaping death every time it dares you. Thanks for sharing.^^

You welcome, this shows me the power of prayer in my life and even when I don't know what's going to happen he still protects me but not only me all who love him.

It is definatly by the Grace of God. You are like one of his Angels here on earth to help the rest of us.

Thank you my sweet friend.

No not by the grace of a god but just luck! That's the way things go.

We can agree to disagree as I live by the grace of God and give him glory for every good thing in my life and his love for me. But you are intitled to your opinion and I respect that.

Wow! That is amazing! I tell my husband he has nine lives and is on his tenth one.

lol yes I understand and feel the same way about my friend with all she has been through too.