Could Of Been Fatal!

I've already posted this story to paranormal group but I think it more appropriately belongs here.. At the time I didn't know about this group.. ahh bear with me i'm a newbie :)

A couple of years ago while out in the pasture handling a highly strung sports horse, An incident occurred and I fell underneath the horse. The horse reared up while I was holding the inside strap of the halter. << (bad handling should of had the horse on a lead rope) When the horse suddenly reared up I could not release my hand from the tightened halter strap at the side of the Horses cheek. stuck, I dangled in mid air with the horse for a few seconds, then fell landing on my back... I laid Winded on the ground in front and slightly underneath the front of the horse..The whole thing happened terrifyingly fast.. I saw the horses hoofs coming down on top of me. Paralyzed with fear and in pain, I couldn't do anything to avoid the inevitable but then, I felt myself lifted, carried aside and landed on my feet a good few feet away from the rearing kicking horse. My friend who was beside me but had no contact with the horse when the event happened witnessed the whole thing. We couldn't talk to each other for the next hour due to shock.

After that experience my friend started to explore the existence of God. I just couldn't believe i was still moving and breathing.. very scary experience. Thank God i'm still here.

I know this is not a ghostly tale but nevertheless some invisible force was present that day. Skeptics will say that I found the strength to move like lightening but the fact that someone else witnessed me being physically lifted off the ground and moved confirms that this was not the case.
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Sep 12, 2012