Cheating Death Or Wasn't My Time

There are three types of people in this world - the first type learns from reading, the other from watching and last but not the least from ******* on a naked electric wire.
I was sixteen at that time when this incident happened. Me and a friend of mine were hanging out outside his apartment near the sea side. Let me tell you a bit about my friend, he was a criminal and I used to do everything possible to keep him away from committing any sort of crime.
As we were sitting outside, two cars entered the lane leading towards his home, the light coming from the street lamps was dim so we could clearly see that there were two cars with headlights on, but could not make out who was inside. The cars came and stopped right in front of us. Around nine men came out with bats and rods and attacked us, we retaliated and the fight started. We were outmatched and outnumbered, but still we fought bravely. With blood pouring from my head and nose, I managed to grab a baseball bat from one of the guys. I was fighting four of the guys by striking once and being hit three to four times, when I heard a gun shot, turned to see and saw that my friend had fallen, and lay motionless.
Knowing I would soon have the same fate as my friend's and the rage of seeing my friend get shot starting to build up, I kicked and swung the bat as fiercely as I could. Two of the guys crept up from behind and grabbed me while another guy pointed the gun at me from maybe 25 to 30 feet away. As he was aiming at me, one of them came from the front, I tried my best and shifted my position to kick him in the head, when I heard another gun shot and my left leg with which I was kicking went numb. They left me and I fell to the ground. They fled in their vehicles. If it wasn't for the hue and cry of the residents of the area, they would have finished me off or it might be that they thought that I was done for cause it was quite dark (sun had set). I tried to get up but every time I tried my left leg gave away. It was totally numb. None of the people screaming and yelling for help came to my aid. People are usually afraid of getting involved in such cases. I sat up. As I took my shoe off something poured out from my shoe like water from a mug. It was blood, I took the other shoe off also and the socks, wrapped them around the wound, which had started to sting a lot. I crawled to where my friend lay and checked for his bullet wound. It was behind his head, a whole where a part of my finger went in. I gathered my strength, and stood up, started limping towards the road, saw a taxi, signaled it to stop and went to a hospital, which is a different story.
My friends and relatives had always advised me not to be friends with criminals, but I gave no heed to their concerns. Looks like I was the third type of people.
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Criminal or not...I'm sorry about your friend and what happened to you. They shouldn't of even done that due to two wrongs never make a right. I also don't believe in people jumping someone or others. If you don't have the guts to fight someone one on one, then you evidently need to sit back down. Sorry, people like that just tick me off because they never grow up. Anywhos, I'm sorry.

It's very kind of you. About fighting one on one you are right, but you know how it goes the wolf pack mentality, they attack in large numbers in order to get the work done absence honour and dignity.


Oh wow. You are very lucky to be alive. You are in a way inspiring, for you didn't run and leave your friend, also because you were friends with him even though he was a criminal. R.i.p to your friend and be strong to you.

Thank you for your kind consideration. One can hardly find nice and sincere friends nowadays. He was one of them. May he be granted a humble abode in heaven.

True friends are very rare indeed. Hopefully he is resting like a king having beautiful angels waiting on him.

You are a very kind-hearted person. And I do hope what your are saying is true because Lord lone knows the best. All we can do is pray for him now. Thank you, it means a lot to me.