I Have Had Miricles My Whole Life.

I was a new born when the first one happened. I don't remember of course but it's a miricle non the less. My mom just had me at eighteen, she had my sister at 17. I was brand new, a couple of days old when we got hit by a semi... A drunk semi driver. I've seen pictures of the car, or what was left. It was split in half. Everyone lived. I got out with my right colar bone broken. Fast forward, I didn't know how to swim. My grandma took my sister and I to a shallow river to play. We werent allowed to go further down stream because of the current. I did.. I was sucked under, blacked out and I woke up in someone's arms, only way to explain it is they blew life back into me. I woke up in my grandmas arms, she was histaricle. I ask her about it she says she didn't give me CPR because she doesnt know how and she was waiting for an ambulance. Then I was six, we were on the highway and I undid my seat belt to reach for my shoe, the car door flew open and I went out going 70. I remember it very vividly being tossed on the concrete, watching my moms dark purple car continue on a short ways, I guess my sister had to tell my mom because the windows were down and she didn't hear. I remember cars screeching to a hauls and people screaming . My mom scooped me up and put me in the front seat, drove me to the nearest hospital, I kept telling her I was fine, I don't hurt mom. I was kept for a week. I had a horrible childhood with abuse, another story, I should have died from the guy with a knife fetish, nope just scars. Fast forward and I'm 8, I get hit by a car.. Still alive. Fast forward again I'm 13, suicidal. My parents knew, I was getting help for it. I had deep cuts all the way up my arms, stitches and scars. One day I decided that was the day, I went to the garage and got my dads rope. Went to my room and l locked the door, climbed on top of my dresser and moved my ceiling tile, looked for something to tie it too, I originally planed a plank from the floor above but my parents were home, I didn't find anything I trusted would hold me, I sat on my bed, tied a noose I learned from the internet, I practiced before with shoelaces and string. I pulled it tight and put it around my neck pulled. I could breath, I passed out. Room went black, I saw THE light. I knew it when I saw it. Let me just say its beautiful. I didn't feel anything I was in awe. I don't know how long I was there. I saw things I can't explain. Then I felt my hands moving, I wasn't in control, they were on the rope easily and calmly moving undoing the knot I had done. I woke up and I felt arms around me holding me I woke up and I was at my desk with my painting supplies. I just started to paint i didn't even know what i was painting but the when I was done I put it in my box as my little secret and it's still there. I haven't been able to paint like that ever since. And I haven't tried killing my self since. I felt new. I know miricles happen and I know there is someone/thingwatching over me. Im 20 now, married, happy. It's saved me a lot in the past couple of year but it's to long to write.
Starr11 Starr11
18-21, F
Sep 14, 2012