I Am One

My name is Kate. I am 19 years old. My youngest memory I am 4 and in a hospital bed, people gathered around me with teddy bears. My mom was smiling at me. She told me I had a bad sickness that wasn't going to go away for awhile. It was called Leukemia.

"Awhile" turned out to be 14 years. I went into and out of remission. The doctors told my family dozens of times over the years to prepare to say goodbye to me, then I woke up alive the next morning. I have been through chemotherapy, starting as a very young child. The young nurse who came to get me ready always squeezed my hand and afterwards would tell me quotes, stories about people who made it out alive. She started writing them down for me and when I got older I wrote them. I'm 100% sure that nurse had something to do with my being here today.

As a kid, the only thing I ever wanted was to be normal. Not to have to go to the hospital 3 times a week, not being able to participate in sports. Not growing because of all the poison being pumped into my body. I prayed every day to God, I prayed for him to cure me so I could have life without cancer. I prayed to see my prom, my high school graduation, my wedding, having children and grandchildren. I prayed for my period. I still haven't gotten it, I may never get it.

I cried. My family cried with me.

It was a Saturday in December. It was 2 weeks before Christmas when I found out that I had no cancer cells left in my body. I was 18 and I hadn't gone into remission since I was 10, the doctors had told me I probably never would again. But I did. I prepared myself to go back and get the news that another batch of cancer cells had shown up again but it's been 10 months, the longest remission by far that I've ever had.

I lost my best friend February 11, 2010. She was my age. She had leukemia as well, she had been at the same hospital as me since we were 6. We had become each other's best friends, because we both understood the agony of cancer. Something inside of me died when she did, and it's never been the same.

Then my boyfriend/fiance, we also met in the leukemia wing as kids. His name is Brian. He went into remission for 3 years and they thought he was cured but it came back much stronger than before this spring... he had asked me to marry him in January. He's not doing very well.

If you read my story thanks for reading it, it's a little rough but it's me.
I believe in miracles. I am one. I was born 16 weeks early. I weighed 1 lb, 1 oz. The doctors looked my mom in the face and told her I was going to die. I didn't. When I was diagnosed with cancer age 4, they told my mother again I was going to die. I didn't. I could die tomorrow. Or I could die in 100 years. Who knows? Who cares?

I'm here to appreciate life before I leave it. If there's one thing I've learned from this it's to enjoy life while you can...
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Amen! The lord also cured my mother of cancer! prayer works! God listens! If you pray and you believe God will answer in his time of it is his will!! Amen and God bless hope you the best!

Wow. You are a miracle of science. Well done for fighting through that. At least you weren't alone fighting cancer. I had a friend who is dead now from cancer who's parents withdrew from her when she started dying.