I Believe So!

I was Only 10 and we were doing a play well at the time I was having fainting spells and really never thought of it till now...but when I was In fourth grade we had play practice and it was the day before...we were in the gym we got through most of the songs and then all of a sudden I started getting hot the last thing I remember is saying to my friend it's hot in here then I blacked out roll down a set of risers and on to the stage and then of the stage step I rolled 6 times...apparently I was awake screaming but i don't remember at all I was rushed to PRMC and they sat me there for 20 mins and told me the couldn't do anything so they told my parents that they are flying a helicopter down from John Hopkins during the night I finally woke up and when I woke up my mom was there in tears telling me that I was being flown in a helicopter I started screaming I didn't know where I was at the doctors had to hold me down and calm me down then I passed out again then when they put me in the helicopter I woke back upend had a 30 min screaming ride I didn't know what to think I got to johns Hopkins and I was put in i.c.u for 6 weeks they told me I had 5 blood clots and a fractured skull well one of the blood clots swelled and I went into surgery I recovered from that then I finally got placed in my on room at John hopkins I was so relieved the only problem was i couldn't remember how to do anything so I had to be retaught everything it was so sad I lived at John hopkins for 4 months to get me to know how to do stuff and I was diagnosed with vasovagual snycope that's were your body just shuts down and you pass out and now I'm fully recovered and in shape and the only down fall is I play soccer so I have to wear this garment to protect my head :( but it's worth it now I call that a miracle(:
KIki309 KIki309
Sep 20, 2012