My Angel

It was May16,2007 when I brought my baby girl into this world. So small and precious. Everything seemed great in the hospital except for my dad finding out he was terminal. They said 6 months if he was lucky. The first night was hard because I became ill. I was rushed to the hospital with massive infection. It was treated with antibiotics. I ended up staying 2 days there while my husband took care of our daughter. He was constantly calling and saying she was crying all the time. I figured it was because of his nerves and she was so new. I came home. Walked through the door and all I heard was her SCREAMING.We went through several doctors different formulas everything until one of her hearing tests came back abnormal. Several tests down the road she was diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy. She wasn't hearing much but when sounds filtered through it was more like garbled static. I remember the first time I tried her hearing out. She was asleep in her swing and I stood behind it and jumped and screamed . I got mad and clapped beside her face. No response just sleep. I cried. My daughter for all purposes was deaf. I quit my job and we started having all kinds of therapists to the house. We worked one cued speach wich is like sign language but also utilizes sounds. We knew she was going to be developmentally behind(or so we were told) . The best choice for her was going to be cochlear implants but first we needed hearing aids per our insurance. At last my dad passed away as. I held his hand that might and his last words to me were "tell those babies I love them. I'm sorry I can't be here anymore but you are strong . You were my world. I love you. A week went by and we had to go and get my daughters ears sized for her aids. I wasn't much up to it for the obvious reasons. I picked out a pretty pink set and the order was placed. About a week before Christmas they came in and we took off to the doctors office again. The doctor came into the room and said we have to do another test to see how much gain she will need. Later, as we waited for hours, the doctor came in with the most somber look on his face. I immediately started crying and told him I could bare anymore bad news. He hugged me so tight and said "I can't believe this, but she doesn't need the aids." What ? "She has regained her hearing." I cried again. I thought of my husbands mom and my dad. Her angels. She by all medical terms was deaf. A strong diagnosis. She now hears perfectly ....well as much as a 5 year old can. She excels in all subjects. Loves to sing and play. She is my angel who is looked over by angels. That was my miracle, my hope , and my love!
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How old is she now ?

She is now 6.

Oh ok

Omg! What a heart felt story with a very happy ending! That is so great. Good things do happen to good people 😊


Amazing story......thanks for sharing it! :)

She is my miracle child!

Heart touching story..

Thank you!

great post