Miracles All My Life

People who don't believe in God also don't believe in miracles. I feel sorry for them because without a tiny faith in your heart there won't be any help received. I know that from my own experience. Ever since I was born there were miracles all around me. I forgot to say I was born with umbilical cord around my neck and like that's enough already for child to die but of course I also didn't have enough water there but I survived even though I end up with asthma and my chest is collapsed. So that is surely a miracle that I survived. Then I was 5 and got in coma. As a child I loved sweets so one day I saw pills on the table and took it thinking those are sweets. Doctors couldn't get me back but after all I woke up. When I was like 9 my friends told me God doesn't exist and I believed myself even if there was something in my heart telling me they are wrong. Then I had dreams with Jesus Christ holding my and my sister palm saying that he is always there to help us. It was when I was 11 and then still didn't believe. When I was 13 I finally realize he does exists and guess what my youngest sister got really ill she had high temperature coughed and sneeze but temperature was worrying high like for week. Parents wanted to take her to hospital next day. Me and another sister who is only 4 years younger than me prayed together while youngest one gone to sleep around 6th o'clock. So we prayed, cry and prayed till youngest one felt better and it was only 10 minutes of praying when her temperature gone she stop coughing and sneezing. It was my idea to pray and I knew what I'm doing me and my sister held hands together and I was saying the words. After what had happened my sister the one I was praying with saw a glowing cross in the middle of room for few seconds while I was looking happily at youngest one. After this there were other miracles that had happened. Like when my stomach ached so badly and with one prayer pain gone or when I saw him in real life smiling at me. True there was time when I didn't believe because of what my friends thought but there was only a tiny little faith in my heart that If people for 2000 years believed that Jesus Christ is a God's son then surely I was always deep inside me thinking that it has to be true.
nataliawoj16 nataliawoj16
22-25, F
Sep 23, 2012