Another Miracle - Thank You Lord For Keeping Us Safe

It was 2 am in the morning when we were sleeping deeply, a theft tried to enter our house. My father woke up to go pee that time and when he noticed that there was a shadow outside the window and he tried to see what was in there. He saw a man standing inside our gate, a tall and thin man and due to shock or surprise, my father uttered the word "theft". The man rushed to find his way out so he climbed above the gate and jumped outside. My Father shared the story when we woke up and said that the man is just like a spiderman who was able to climb and jump in a second. I consider this a miracle and give praise to God for keeping as safe and nothing happened to us. Thank you Lord. I am forever grateful to You always.
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3 Responses Sep 24, 2012

Thank you Jesus!!

Thank God nothing happened to your family. Be aware & cautious that he may return.

Yes, praise God! thank you, we put our dog already one on the front and 3 at the backyard. Praying that he won't come back no more. Thank God for keeping us safe always.

Great! You're father must have the right sense to scream that loud. Still a brave man.
Just anticipate a next visit from the dark man. And next time he knows he is prepared for what's he's after. Otherwise he's just a passer by. =))

Yes, thank you. we have dogs, God and his angels protecting us always.