Bein' Included Is A Miracle...

me neighbour, j, is a unique individual. i'm sure there are names people would place on her given her lifestyle and fam'ly predicaments. she has 4 children by 3 diffrent fathers. she lives wit' all her chilens, includin' a pregnant and engaged soon to be daughter-in-law and a schizophrenic nephew. but she loves and cares fo' dem all. despite no support from da dad's, despite jobs bein' scarce fo' her older boy and nephew. despite bein' unable to work a full load and care fo' her fam'ly!

despite dis, she takes 'em all in and provides as best she can. and loves. and includes othas in... i feel priviledged to be a part. yes i do.

i believe what she and her fam'ly have brought into me life is a miracle o' da heart... dey have become part o' me heart... part o' me fam'ly.

8 year old marcus invited me to come watch his "haka" tomorrow night to open da talent show at his school's talent show. yup, i'll be der, indeed i will... wit' pride shinin' bright.
pamarama pamarama
51-55, T
Sep 25, 2012