Thank You Lord For Your Presence And For Healing My Hubby

Last night after me and hubby prayed together, he saw rays of light from the sky in my picture on the computer, as background pic ( the pic is I am sitting on the boat and the sky is my background). He was really amazed and even showed it to me and I saw it but after few seconds it was gone, he did not even touched the computer. I was amazed and hubby said that it was a sign from God. He is always there listening to our prayers. Thank you Lord.

We have been asking God for a miracle for my hubby's healing before his colonoscopy schedule because he has been sick for a month now, having tummy pain and diarrhea 3-4x a day and sometimes there were few drops of blood. Praise God because this morning, he made poop and it was not watery and it was normal and the pain is very light now unlike the past weeks. He didnot even go to the doctor because he just started his job and we needed to save enough money for his colonoscopy. Lord, I couldn't not thank you enough for this big miracle.
We have been praying to God asking Him to heal my hubby completely a week or days before his colonoscopy, which will be on the 22. This is it Lord. I'm so thankful Lord and just want to share this to others just like what I promise to You Lord. This is not ours, this is yours Lord for your glory. Indeed nothing is impossible if we believe, even a faith just like a mustard seed which I was asking from God to give it to my hubby because He was lost and was away from God for 20 yrs. It was not not easy for us and our life has been full of ups and downs but we decided to put God the center of our relationship and He is helping us. I believe that God allow things to happen for a reason and He just did it to us, my hubby is building a good relationship to God now. He is doing his best with God's help. what a miracle! All glory to You Lord. Thank you Mama Mary and St. Jude for your intercessions too. Praise you Lord. Thank You very much from the bottom of my heart. 
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May God send his love and blessings to you and keep you both safe.

Joining you in your prayer.

God bless you and your loved ones!

Thank you. God bless you and your loved ones, too.

thank the lord for your healing

yes, thank you Lord for everything and for all you going to do. we give you thanks.

All praises go up to The Lord, & your blessings will surely come down! May God continue to bless you and your family. I to am a living witness of God's amazing miracles & his amazing grace. Continue to pray continuously and praise his holy name regardless of your situation or the outcome. We have to praise him in the middle of trials and joy.God Bless

Yes, you are right ojerch we have to praise Him in sorrow and in happiness. I just learned to thank God lately of every problem that I experience because it is a way to becoming more closer to Him. I slowly understand things and doing my best to read God's words and trusting Him that He has plans for us, plan to prosper and not to harm us. I sometimes tell my hubby that don't think I am a bad wife because I still thank God that you are sick, I believe God just wanted his attention and He wants my hubby back because He loves him and I have been praying too for his conversion, healing not only physically but spiritually, too.Thank you Lord. God bless you too.